Heartbeat DJ (Vasken)

Heartbeat DJ Vasken Samuelian on Barahantes.ComABOUT HEARTBEAT DJ (VASKEN SAMUELIAN)

Heartbeat Disk Jockey has been Southern California’s Premier International Wedding Disk Jockey and Entertainment Services since 1984.

A recent survey shows that the most important aspect in a special event is not the food, centerpieces, or the cake.  It’s the music!

We realize your wedding day is one of the most precious moments of your life.  Why spend all that money and time to hire an amateur DJ?  With heartbeat DJ, you’ll be sure to have the best and most experiences DJ

source: Heartbeat DJ’s Website

Karnig Sarkissian



Karnig Sarkissian is a very famous Armenian patriotic singer,he started singing in a very early age,when he was in Aleppo.he became a member of a youth organization of ARF in 1964.his idol was KEVORK CHAVOUSH and he followed a singing career till to date.he traveled around world,where there are ARMENIANS,and he inspired the young ARMENIAN youth through his music.


A Collection of Karnig Sarkissian’s Videos / Songs. Yes! he deserves his own channel! 🙂

DJ V-Money

DJ V-Money on Barahantes.Com


V-Money grew up in Los Angeles (coming from Armenia 1988) He was a big fan of West Coast hip-hop that took over the world at the time with there Gangsta lyrics & attitude. As years passed by he always had the dream of one day being involved in music some way or some how. He was 15 years old & sitting in his room playin’ to different songs on an old sterio & tryin’ to match the song with his computer that’s when it hit him “that he really enjoyed this”. So one day he was watching TV & he saw Jazzy Jeff doin’ his thing and he was hooked. He didn’t become an official DJ until the age of 22 when he went to WMC Miami for the 1st time ever & was introduced to House Music, that just changed his entire view about music, & he grew every single Minute after that & here he is today.

Lernik Kezerian

Lernik Kezerian on Barahantes.ComABOUT LERNIK KEZERIAN

Lernik Kezerian or also known as Jennifer Kezerian is an Armenian model born in Athens Greece to Argentine/Armenian and Iranian/Armenian parents. Lernik started participating in beauty pageants at the age of 14 then started modeling for catalogues. Lernik has been a model for a while now she sees it as a expression to show beauty and passion. Lernik has had an oppurtunity to work with great photographers and participate in various modeling actvities as it brings her joy to expand creativity and collaborative skills. She is very open to new ideas.

source: Lernik Kezerian

Maya Kezerian

Maya Kezerian on Barahantes.ComABOUT MAYA KEZERIAN

Maya Kezerian is a 20 year old a model of Iranian- Armenian descent born in Mexico but living in London UK. Maya started of as a hair model for her local hairdressers. On a visit to Paris she was spotted by a YSL photographer she started to work in paris for a while then got signed by a french modeling agency on a permanent basis. Maya has also worked for some small fashion houses her latest work was for Valentino, she is currently taking a break from modelling to get a degree in Law.

source: Maya Kezerian

Andy Madadian

Andy Madadian on Barahantes.ComABOUT ANDY MADADIAN

Bringing matinee idol charisma to the silver screen and concert stage is ANDY, Persia’s legendary music exile aka “The Prince of Persia” or “The Persian Elvis” in media circles, who has released multiple albums selling in the millions throughout the world with more than forty Number 1 hits.  A humanitarian, he has appeared and contributed in many International charitable causes, most recently having recorded “Stand by Me” with Jon Bon Jovi to show solidarity for the people of Iran.  He’s also a natural leading man – handsome, a commanding presence, sense of humour, plus all the talent needed to tackle Tinseltown.  Appearances have include DREAMWORKS’ “The House of Sand and Fog” ( Sir Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly) where Andy sings in the film and contributed to the score as well as indie films “Futbaal” and Guide Company Films “The Keeper” (The Legend of Omar Khayyam) with Academy Award Winner Vanessa Redgrave, Andy plays the governor of the ancient city of Samarkand.  He also participated in a film noir short “The Florist”- .  and first made his mark on ABC’s 2001 production of the “ Princess and the Marine”.

When Andy’s not acting or producing movie scores, Andy’s a musical trailblazer forging a new path that redefines traditional musical borders.  He plays to sold-out venues all over the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Russia and the Middle East.  His touring schedule regularly includes locales rarely if ever performed in by American–based artists such as Armenia, Uzbekistan, and cities Tashkent, Samarghand, and in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, amongst others, spreading his universal message of love and joy.  In the United States, he has played for the last five years to critical acclaim at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, as well as the prestigious Kodak Theatre in Hollywood and large scale venues in Las Vegas.  His music was recently chosen by the JPF “Independent Music” Awards Best Middle Eastern Album and Song.  In a gala ceremony at Universal Studios, he was named Persian Pop Male Singer of the Decade.  For five years in a row he has received the coveted Best Armenian International Singer, Best Armenian World Artist and Best Armenian World Album awards.  He was also recognized and awarded twice by the City Council of Los Angeles for his contributions through music to the city.

At first glance, it’s the dance music side of Andy that stands out.  Somewhere between the mystery of an ancient civilization and music that dates back 5000 years and the youthful brashness of modern music, Andy has made his own unique place in music history.  He has created a new fusion of sound that combine traditional Middle Eastern instruments with the Western world’s drum and bass, guitar and modern technology.  His global sound embraces many exotic influences.  Aside from his Persian- Armenian heritage, Andy combines lush Arabic modes with African rhythms, which he spices with Spanish flamenco guitar licks, and western dance music.  Besides Farsi and Armenian, his two native languages, Andy sings in English and Spanish.

Ironically, even though Andy ’s music is banned in his home country of Iran, his albums sell into the millions, though all are underground and bootlegged.

From his early childhood in Teheran, his life has been a study in contrasts.  His father built roads, yet the family had no car.  They were beyond poor – nine people living in a small one-room house but his mother’s careful management kept food on the table and enabled his parents to put six children through school.  Their house was filled with love, laughter, and most importantly for Andy, music.

As Andy was beginning to explore his musical roots, his native land began to broil with turbulence.  The Islamic Revolution under the new religious leadership brought civil war and Andy made the decision to leave Iran.  The revolution has made it impossible for Andy to perform in his native country because of the governmental ban on Persian pop music recorded outside the country.

Besides the profound respect Andy has for Persian and Armenian poetry and traditional music, he developed an abiding love for contemporary Western music.  His musical icons include the Beatles, Deep Purple, Ray Charles and the masters of jazz, but mostly it is his love and respect for Santana’s chugging Afro-Latin rhythms that influenced him the most.  And like Santana, Andy invited some of the world’s most famous musical artists to collaborate on his latest album.

Today, Andy is the living proof of the American dream..  He credits Los Angeles, a city of contrasts that helped him forge his unique sound, and the musical mosaic that resulted has catapulted him to superstardom.

Audiences can’t get enough of this exciting combination: the poetic beauty of Persian and Armenian music set against the vibrant backdrop of dance music.  Andy’s songs break every tradition and some taboos, but young and old alike, from East to West, now pack his concerts and rush to buy his albums.  His latest CD is entitled “Airport” (CMG) which has released worldwide.

Once a professional soccer player, Andy’s love for the game has remained throughout the years and he will be the Featured Halftime Performer for the exclusive Chelsea VS Inter-Milan Soccer Match at the Pasadena Rose Bowl on July 21st, 2009.

source: Andy Madadian’s Website


Sirusho on Barahantes.ComABOUT SIRUSHO (HARUTYUNYAN)

Sirusho’s biography is one of the most accomplished and interesting biographies in the Armenian show business of today. She comes from a family of artists – her parents have been recognized as accomplished artists of Armenia – her father being a renowned actor and director (an Honored Artist of Armenia) and her mother a reputable singer beloved by the public (also an Honored Artist of Armenia).

Sirusho’s first encounter with singing and music was when she was ten months old. Yet, it wasn’t long before she started to sing full songs, being two years old. One of the songs that Sirusho performed as a child was “Qele-qele”, an Armenian folk song written in the early 1900s by Komitas.

For over 13 years, the 22 year old artist continues to be one of the most famous and adored singers for Armenians in Armenia and abroad. In one of her interviews she mentioned, “I have never been one of those children who dreamt of becoming a singer. I was a little kid and people would ask me to sing at events. Every time after I sang, I would see the amazed looks on their faces and I couldn’t figure out the reason. I mean, I thought I wasn’t doing a hard thing, I was just singing the way I felt the music”. Those amazed faces marked the beginning of her career, following her from success to success.

At the age of 7 Sirusho began to write her own music, as well as lyrics in Armenian and English. She was 8 when she greeted her first big crowd. At the age of 9 the song, she had composed, brought her an award at the Contest of Young Talent. Being only 10 years old, she successfully competed in a contest with participants over her age (under 22) eventually winning the first place. She released her first album “Sirusho” when she was 13, gradually becoming one of the most favored performers at the biggest Armenian concerts. Some of the best Armenian composers have written songs for her. She has toured around several countries, bringing vibrant Armenian pop and folk music to Canada, the U.S., France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Lebanon, Egypt, Georgia, Russia, Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and elsewhere.

After performing soul and pop music for years, Sirusho decided to work on the album of Armenian folk gusan songs by Gusan Sheram (this album also included the hit song “Shorora”). In 2005, the album was recognized as The Best Album of the Year at the Armenian National Music Awards. Her success at the 2005 Awards became double by receiving the award for Best Female Artist of the Year, being only 18. At the end of her thank-you speech, she said, “I have worked and toured a lot this year, and even in a few hours after this event, I’ll be flying to the U.S. for concerts, and I want to thank you all for giving me wings for all the future “flights” of my life. In a few days her single “Give me wings”, written by herself, had flooded radio waves and music channels, becoming a hit among the Armenian public. In 2006, Sirusho received the award for Best Female Artist of the Year at the Annual Armenian-Russian Diaspora Music Awards held in Moscow. A year later, she was announced The Best Female Artist of the Year at the Armenian Music Awards, held by the Armenian-American Diaspora at the Kodak Theater. Sirusho received her fourth Best Female Artist award at the 2008 Armenian National Music Awards, where she had obtained her first award in 2005, and had promised to continue her “flight”. She has received several other awards for her songs and music videos.

In 2006, Armenian pop music suffered the loss of one of its best performers of all times, Varduhi Vardanyan, in a tragic car accident. Varduhi had been like a sister for Sirusho ever since she was a little kid. In her loving memory, Sirusho dedicated a song called “Mez Vochinch Chi Bazhani” (“Nothing Will Part Us”).

In 2007, Sirusho released her third album, titled “Hima”, which included the song dedicated to Varduhi, as well as many other tracks written and produced by Sirusho. The album proved to be a breakthrough in Armenian music, unleashing a fresh wave of mixing soul and R&B with Armenian instruments such as Duduk, Dhol, Zourna, and others.

Graduating from Yerevan School #114 named after Khachik Dashtents, Sirusho decided to continue her education at Yerevan State University. And now she has graduated International Relations.

In 2007, the Armenian Public Television surprised Sirusho by asking her to represent Armenia in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. From four candidate songs produced by four Armenian composers (with lyrics written by Sirusho), the Armenian vote selected “Qele, Qele”!

Sirusho took the fourth place in Eurovision Song Concert 2008 in Belgrade. She had a wide promo tour in many europian countries and “Qele-Qele” became famous all over Europe.After the contest she participated in many famous music evets in Sweden, Italy,Ukraine,Russia,Belarus,UK,Israel,Greece,Serbia,Cyprus and other Europian countries.Sirusho continues performing and composing, producing songs for her colleges.

source: Sirusho’s Official Website

Hratch Bogharian

Hratch Bogharian on Barahantes.ComABOUT HRATCH BOGHARIAN

From a young age it was apparent HRATCH BOGHARIAN had musical talents singing in both Armenian and Arabic.

At the age of 17 he recorded his original song that became a hit throughout Aleppo Syria – his birth town.
It was In 1997, that  Hratch’s popularity took off as a leading singer in Aleppo, Syria.  He is inspired by his brothers of music, Paul and the late Nazo .

After Hratch completed  his 2 year military duty in Syria, and being a very successful singer there with permanent gigs in hotels and clubs, Hratch in 2003,  felt it was time to move on to Beirut, Lebanon where he continued charming and performing to sold out crowds.

In 2005 Hratch migrated to the United States where he settled in Los Angeles California.  His velvety voice is getting the attention of the community with constant bookings, mesmerizing his audience with his smooth voice.

Hratch’s live album was released in 2009 and just proves what a great live singer he can be.

He is currently working on a new album to be released in, early 2011 -a  mixture of Armenian and Arabic songs

Aram Kalousdian

Aram Kalousdian on Barahantes.Com


Aram Kalousdian was born on October 22nd, 1979.

Anyone who knows Aram personally would tell you about his appreciation and support to all musicians (professional or beginners) and also for all kinds of music (Rock, Blues, Pop, Country, Folk, Latin…….and Jazz). He always has and always will …….

Being an Armenian, living in Syria-Aleppo, listening to rock and metal music, and being a big fan of many rock bands since he was 13 years old, he had the chance to drive the sense of many different traditional music cultures; so he chose Drums as his instrument to play on, being inspired by all those legends.

Choosing to play drums was hard in the beginning, for many reasons:
1- No music institutes to teach playing drums.
2- Low budget (he could not afford a small rock kit).
3- No available place to practice.

Aram started playing drums at the age of 16 (1996). He took lessons by a local teacher who taught him the basics to play only some étude on a practice pad. During that time, He was always trying to search for more techniques, groovy rhythms and double bass drumming. But being in a place where no metal bands perform; neither metal concerts nor festivals were established, made it a bit hard for him to learn metal drumming.

After several attempts to play a live performance on stage, He gained the self confidence he needed. His first performance was after six months of playing drums. He played five tracks with some beginner musicians and he thought “take five” was one of the tracks, which has left a great impression on him.

It was a kind of a miracle for him to create a band with some of his friends to play some cover songs and to perform the first rock concert in his country. And from the beginning he dreamt and worked to fulfill his dreams.

Aram first music project was Nu.Clear.Dawn band, created in 1997, which is the first Syrian metal band who released first progressive metal album in 2003 “Poem of a Knight”. The album gained many good reviews in webzine and rock magazines. The band participated in many international festivals with famous metal bands like (U.D.O., Pain of Salvation, Vanden Plas, & with two x-vocals of Iron Maiden), and many concerts in Lebanon and Syria. Still the band is working on more projects for the future, although the members are far from each other. So he can say that Nu.Clear.Dawn is his music birth, his life, his lyrics, and the institute that he lacked as he grew fond of music and drums.

In addition to his metal concerts with Nu.Clear.Dawn, he had the opportunity to share in many festivals and jazz concerts, like the Armenian Big Band, Notta Syrian jazz band from Damascus, which they performed together in the Syrian Jazz Lives Festival in 2006. Also he played with other jazz bands for some gigs and sharing in music day festivals and making tribute for famous jazz legends “Claude Bolling”.

Back to festivals, hereunder one of the huge music festivals which he created, organized, and produced it by himself

The Syrian Guitar Festival

It’s an annual festival for all kind of guitar players in Syria. The idea came from playing many music styles of different musicians all together. Then it’s developed to the idea of gathering different guitar players on the stage for different genres. Coming projects will be with international guitar players.

Besides to these concerts and festivals he have enjoyed his music life, his music career in his music instruments store (La Guitarra), which is all musicians’ choice in Syria for its well-known and International brands. To continue enjoying my career, he spend most of his time after the store in his rehearsal studio (Blue Note), which he made it to gather all musicians together to enjoy practicing and making jam, where you could listen to all music genres.

Aram proud of what he has achieved. He is really not the guy for miracle medicine, but if you want one:
Practice, practice, practice… sometimes maybe even practice, give your best – and trust your dreams.

Angela Sarafyan

Angela Sarafyan on Barahantes.ComABOUT ANGELA SARAFYAN

Angela Sarafyan is the actress often remembered for her appearance in a Cingular Cell Phone commercial, so she’s often referred to as the “Cingular Umbrella Girl”. She has also recently garnered attention for her role in the feature film Kabluey and her two guest star appearances in the popular USA series In Plain Siight

Angela was born in 1983 and is currently single.

One of her earliest roles was on the TV series Judging Amy (2000). She then went on to do guest roles on series such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2002), The Shield (2004), The Division (2004), 24 (2006), and recently CSI:NY (2006).

For 2007, Angela guest starred in an episode of Cold Case. Also for 2007, she was involved in two feature film productions: On The Doll, and Kabluey (with Lisa Kudrow and Teri Garr), and A Beautiful Life with Dana Delany and Debi Mazar.

In 2008, Angela worked with Billy Bob Thornton and Mickey Rourke in the film The Informers.

source: Angela Sarafyan’s Website

Jill Simonian

Jill Simonian on Barahantes.ComABOUT JILL SIMONIAN

Jill Simonian hosts Travel Channel’s new competition-based reality show, “America’s Worst Driver” (debuting March 2010), but you can also find her talking about the entertainment industry on television. She has appeared as an Entertainment Expert for HLN’s “Showbiz Tonight,” as a Movie Expert for the syndicated newsmagazine “Extra,” and is a current member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association. For KTLA-TV (Los Angeles), she is a current substitute Entertainment Reporter (Morning News), was a Correspondent for “Live from the 81st Academy Awards” (2009) and Co-hosted “Sneaks”, a quarterly movie guide in association with the Los Angeles Times (2008-09).

From 2006-09, Jill was a full-time Correspondent for “Hollywood Dailies” on ReelzChannel (cable/satellite), for which she interviewed hundreds of actors and directors, as well as wrote, produced and fronted over 600 entertainment news segments (including red carpet premieres, junket interviews, and behind-the-scenes features). Her bubbly personality soon led her to Co-host ReelzChannel’s weekly trailer show “The Big Tease” (2008-09).

Other notable past achievements include singing the National Anthem at Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers games, winning a UCLA Carol Burnett Musical Theatre Award, and serving as a motivational speaker for Southern California high schools with Monster.com’s “Making It Count” program. She is also a former Miss Hollywood and Runner-up to Miss California (Miss America Pageant). Simonian is a cum laude graduate of UCLA’s Communication Studies program and resides in Los Angeles.

source: Jill Simonian’s Facebook Page

Rob Paravonian

Rob Paravonian on Barahantes.ComABOUT ROB PARAVONIAN

After growing up in the Chicago area, son of a first-generation Armenian-American school teacher who was also involved with local politics, Rob Paravonian went to college at USC in Los Angeles and now lives in New York. Rob writes and performs comedy and music and is a regualar at New York stand-up clubs and alternative comedy spaces. He also tours the country playing colleges and comedy clubs everywhere from Florida to Alaska, and from Maine to Montana.

Rob discovered music at an early age, learning cello at age six and playing it from grade school through to the Waukegan High School Symphony (yes, there was a Waukeagn High School Symphony). At age 10 Rob got his first taste of life on the road when the Grade School Orchestra went to nationals in Nashville, and at 13 he went to Florida with the High School Chamber Orchestra.

While in high school, Rob taught himself guitar and bass and began playing in bands, much to the dismay of his music instructors. While he was still underage, he played in bars in Chicago, Milwaukee, and once he went to college, the greater Los Angeles area.

Although music had been the bulk of his life up until college, as an undergrad Rob pursued his other passion and studied writing. U.S.C.’s creative writing program was headed by author T.C. Boyle and Rob focused on short fiction and novellas.

Rob also found a new love while in college comedy; and he began performing at wide-open shows in artsy cafes in L.A. (the precursor to the alternative comedy trend).

Comedy took Rob back to Chicago after college, where he studied improvisation and ensemble work at the legendary Second City Training Center. While in Chicago Rob became a regular at the Improv and began going on the road, playing the midwest clubs and headlining colleges from coast to coast.

Not wanting to limit himself to being a touring performer, Rob moved to New York where he has made a name for himself as an intelligent and unique performer. Rob quickly became a regular at Catch a Rising Star, has appeared on Comedy Central, VH1, has written cartoon theme songs, written and performed sketch shows and is on his third solo show.

And he still plays the cello.

source: Rob Paravonian’s Website

Tamar Kaprelian

Tamar Kaprelian on Barahantes.ComABOUT TAMAR KAPRELIAN

Tamar Kaprelian exploded onto the pop scene when her song “New Day” was introduced to the world in the wedding scene of MTV’s The Hills. She was first discovered when she won an Interscope Record contest with her cover of OneRepublic’s hit single, “Apologize”.

Tamar Kaprelian was born in Scottsdale, Arizona and brought up in both Georgia and California by Armenian parents, surrounded by love and great music. Tamar has been writing songs as long as she can remember, influenced as a kid by classic Disney films, but her true love of music came about when she discovered Billy Joel and Paul McCartney…and in love she fell. Tamar Kaprelian will be releasing her first album on Interscope Records in 2010 and you can expect to hear thought-provoking, hopeful, playful, and honest songs. It’s a coming-of-age record that chronicles her life, relationships, and her utter determination to create an album that is real and true to Tamar, both personally and artistically.

source: Tamar Kaprelian’s Facebook Page

Vik Momjian

Vik Momkian on Barahantes.ComABOUT VIK MOMJIAN

Vik Momjian is a master of the four, five, and six-string, fretted and fretless electric basses. While his musical roots started on the piano at age nine, Vik turned to the guitar at age fourteen and ultimately discovered his true voice through the electric bass at age fifteen. Having studied with many significant musicians, three of Vik’s most influential instructors were Jim Lacefield, Steve Bailey, and John Pena. In addition, he has his own line of basses and is endorsed by many notable companies. Over the last few years, Vik has established himself as the first-call musician for many top Middle Eastern and ethno-European artists. When he’s not touring the world with these artists, he spends his days in town doing sessions, teaching, and playing with Excursion. His soulful playing not only brings enormous heart to the project, but it is an integral part of the band’s sound and energy.He has a brilliant sense of groove and is a unique improviser, with his incredible dexterity and slapping techniques.

source: Vik Momjian’s Website

Vik Momjian is a master of the four, five, and six-string, fretted and fretless electric basses. While his musical roots started on the piano at age nine, Vik turned to the guitar at age fourteen and ultimately discovered his true voice through the electric bass at age fifteen. Having studied with many significant musicians, three of Vik’s most influential instructors were Jim Lacefield, Steve Bailey, and John Pena. In addition, he has his own line of basses and is endorsed by many notable companies. Over the last few years, Vik has established himself as the first-call musician for many top Middle Eastern and ethno-European artists. When he’s not touring the world with these artists, he spends his days in town doing sessions, teaching, and playing with Excursion. His soulful playing not only brings enormous heart to the project, but it is an integral part of the band’s sound and energy.He has a brilliant sense of groove and is a unique improviser, with his incredible dexterity and slapping techniques.

Paul Apanian

Paul Apanian on Barahantes.ComABOUT PAUL APANIAN

Paul Apanian was born in Beirut on september 22, 1980. He attended the conservatory in 1996 where he studied the Tabla and oriental music for 8 years.

Paul Apanian rose to stardom when he was chosen to perform with world renowned artist Sting and then was invited to accompany the artist on his world tour. Paul is a very talented young artist that copes with every kind of arrangement and uses his Arabic instrument in all kinds of music ranging from Salsa to sometimes classical. In 2002, Paul attended the (studio el fann /version of Art studio) programme on LBCI and he won the medallion.

He played his instrument with several International artists and orchestras such as DJ Said Mrad, Sting, Guy Manoukian, Raoul di Blasio and The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra

He participated in international festivals including:

  • Live in Cairo,Guy Manoukian‘s concert, Egypt
  • International Music Festival 2005, Russia
  • The Music Festival in Jordan .
  • Formula One Event in Bahrain “July – 2005”
  • Dubai International Jazz Festival “March – 2007”
  • Qatar National Theatre “April – 2008”
  • Palais des Congres – Dbayeh, Beirut “June – 2008”
  • Aram Khachatryan Concert Hall – Yerevan, Armenia “July – 2008”
  • Abu Dhabi Jazz Festival “November – 2008”
  • Esplanade – Singapore “April – 2009”
  • Beiteddine – Lebanon “August – 2009”
  • K. Demirchyan Sport-Concert Complex – Yerevan, Armenia September 2009
  • Qatar National Theatre “March – 2010
  • Summer 2001 Sting (Baalbeck Festival) performing oriental drums
  • Summer 2004 Raoul di Blasio Concert (Forum de Beirut)
  • Guy Manoukian concerts, Jazz festival Dubai 2007

source: Kharma Productions Website

Tiffany Madadian

Tiffany Madadyan on Barahantes.ComABOUT TIFFANY MADADIAN

Tiffany Madadian was born in April 1989 to a family of musicians and music lovers. A shy child growing up, she found her voice in her school choir and soon couldn’t keep that voice to herself. From putting on shows in her living room, to playing “Annie” in her middle school production, she knew what she wanted at a very young age. She was introduced to famed vocal coach Roger Love, who took her singing abilities to the next level. Eager to get her feet wet, Tiffany recorded her first song in 2005, “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane.

On her first record she worked with Grammy winning producer Tom Weir and some of the best musicians in the world including Josh Freese, Tim Pierce and Paul Bushnell. Humbled by the experience the sixteen year old set out to do more. She enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, then began writing with numerous different people as well as forming her own band.

Tiffany states Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Pat Benatar and Carole King as some of her biggest influences. After graduating Beverly Hills High School in 2007, she set out to make her first EP. “I’m dedicating my life to something I love and I’m thankful I’m able to do that. My musical journey has only just begun.”

source: Tiffany Madadian’s Website

Marco Khan

Marco Khan(lian) on Barahantes.ComABOUT MARCO KHAN (KHANLIAN)

Marco Khan(lian) is a true citizen of the world. He was born March 27th of Armenian parents in Tehran, Iran. His father, Levon was born in Lebanon and raised in Iran where he met his wife Anna, born in Babol, Iran. Marco’s grandparents (from his mother’s side) were a grandfather from Russia and a grandmother from the country of Georgia. Marco and his younger brother left Iran at age 11 in pursuit of higher education. Schooled in Venice, Italy and then in Catalina Island, California. Marco now calls Los Angeles, CA, home. At age 17, Marco picked up English as his 4th language and assumed the responsibility as the caretaker for his entire family. While operating a series of restaurants for 12 years to support his family, Marco enjoyed brief stints as a Professional Athlete in Soccer, Football and Pro Wrestling! After his father passed away, he decided to pursue his lifelong passion of becoming an actor. His looks, talent, and diverse background have allowed Marco to play a variety of interesting characters. He is a versatile actor, achieving success in comedy, action and drama. Despite his “tough guy” appearance, his demeanor is quiet, gentle, gracious and sincere. As a father, he loves children and animals. On July 4th of 2006, Marco proposed to the love of his life Heather in Cape Town on the set of 10,000 BC (2008) and they married on May 12th of 2007. Almost everyone who meets Marco agrees that there is “Just something special that draws you towards him.” He is a kind and tolerant humanitarian who is relentless in his pursuit for peace. Always positive and encouraging to others, “Never Give Up” is the motto he lives by. Marco is a true believer that everything happens for a reason, that tests and trials in life shape your character and that his destiny is in God’s hands.

source: Marco Khan’s IMDB Profile

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