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Antranig Kzirian - on Barahantes.ComABOUT ANTRANIG KZIRIAN

Antranig performs on the oud widely across the US, Canada and Europe on the oud at numerous folk festivals and classical concerts. Antranig’s command of the guitar has also garnered him much acclaim in music circles around the country. Aside from his extensive touring schedule, Antranig performs as a member of the Aravod Ensemble, History Project Series and Visa and has participated in collaborations with other recording artists as a composer, writer and experienced studio musician. The theoretical framework within which Antranig operates musically allows him to arrange thoughtful and profound musical landscapes, and he is called upon frequently for his unique interpretation of the oud.

When he’s not teaching guitar and oud to music students to pass on Armenian music and culture, Antranig ventures into fusion and other world music projects and enjoys exploring the Sitar and violin. Antranig also is an accomplished performer on the guitar, bass, saz and bouzouki. Antranig is currently studying diplomacy and finance at Columbia University and holds degrees in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and law from Villanova University. His musical influences include Oudi Hrant Kenkulian, the Armenian oud master, Oudi Yorgo Bacanos, George Mgrdichian, John Berberian, Ara Dinkjian, Richard Hagopian, Mal Barsamian, John Bilezikjian and several rock and metal groups.  Antranig has recently performed with Gor, Sonya Varoujian and various other artists.

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