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Aram Kalousdian was born on October 22nd, 1979.

Anyone who knows Aram personally would tell you about his appreciation and support to all musicians (professional or beginners) and also for all kinds of music (Rock, Blues, Pop, Country, Folk, Latin…….and Jazz). He always has and always will …….

Being an Armenian, living in Syria-Aleppo, listening to rock and metal music, and being a big fan of many rock bands since he was 13 years old, he had the chance to drive the sense of many different traditional music cultures; so he chose Drums as his instrument to play on, being inspired by all those legends.

Choosing to play drums was hard in the beginning, for many reasons:
1- No music institutes to teach playing drums.
2- Low budget (he could not afford a small rock kit).
3- No available place to practice.

Aram started playing drums at the age of 16 (1996). He took lessons by a local teacher who taught him the basics to play only some étude on a practice pad. During that time, He was always trying to search for more techniques, groovy rhythms and double bass drumming. But being in a place where no metal bands perform; neither metal concerts nor festivals were established, made it a bit hard for him to learn metal drumming.

After several attempts to play a live performance on stage, He gained the self confidence he needed. His first performance was after six months of playing drums. He played five tracks with some beginner musicians and he thought “take five” was one of the tracks, which has left a great impression on him.

It was a kind of a miracle for him to create a band with some of his friends to play some cover songs and to perform the first rock concert in his country. And from the beginning he dreamt and worked to fulfill his dreams.

Aram first music project was Nu.Clear.Dawn band, created in 1997, which is the first Syrian metal band who released first progressive metal album in 2003 “Poem of a Knight”. The album gained many good reviews in webzine and rock magazines. The band participated in many international festivals with famous metal bands like (U.D.O., Pain of Salvation, Vanden Plas, & with two x-vocals of Iron Maiden), and many concerts in Lebanon and Syria. Still the band is working on more projects for the future, although the members are far from each other. So he can say that Nu.Clear.Dawn is his music birth, his life, his lyrics, and the institute that he lacked as he grew fond of music and drums.

In addition to his metal concerts with Nu.Clear.Dawn, he had the opportunity to share in many festivals and jazz concerts, like the Armenian Big Band, Notta Syrian jazz band from Damascus, which they performed together in the Syrian Jazz Lives Festival in 2006. Also he played with other jazz bands for some gigs and sharing in music day festivals and making tribute for famous jazz legends “Claude Bolling”.

Back to festivals, hereunder one of the huge music festivals which he created, organized, and produced it by himself

The Syrian Guitar Festival

It’s an annual festival for all kind of guitar players in Syria. The idea came from playing many music styles of different musicians all together. Then it’s developed to the idea of gathering different guitar players on the stage for different genres. Coming projects will be with international guitar players.

Besides to these concerts and festivals he have enjoyed his music life, his music career in his music instruments store (La Guitarra), which is all musicians’ choice in Syria for its well-known and International brands. To continue enjoying my career, he spend most of his time after the store in his rehearsal studio (Blue Note), which he made it to gather all musicians together to enjoy practicing and making jam, where you could listen to all music genres.

Aram proud of what he has achieved. He is really not the guy for miracle medicine, but if you want one:
Practice, practice, practice… sometimes maybe even practice, give your best – and trust your dreams.

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