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Ararad Aharonian


Ararad Aharonian was born in 18 November 1973, Lebanon. On March 5, 1992, Ararad Aharonian performed for the first time in Lebanon at “Levon & Sophia Hagopian” college. Shant Disschekenian & his band (on percussions & derbakkeh: Paul Apanian, & Bouzoukist Toros Nakhashian) accompany Ararad in his concerts. Shant Disschekenian performs the role of music arranger in Ararad’s albums. Ararad currently has three music albums representing many styles (Armenian pop, dance, “kavaragan”, Arabic style…). His first Album is called “Hokvous Denche” & his first single is “Siro Jampan” (Lyrics & Music by Seto Baghdassarian) Ararad Aharonian has performed outside Lebanon in concerts in the following countries: Argentine, Australia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Kuwait, Syria and United Arab Emirates.

source: Bourdj Hamoud Website

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  1. Chake says:

    isgabes shad koveli ye hghatsaz midk yev asdvaz bahe polor eurahadoug hay daghantner

    shad hiyatsazem vor gaykechin mech gdesnem kez nmanner ..hay joghovurt hbarde kezmov yev polor hay yerkichnerov.
    vartskt gadar..papaknerut iraganatsum
    yerchangutyun makhtanknerov

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