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Viza on Barahantes.ComABOUT VIZA

Viza has infiltrated the global music scene with an explosive sound of international rock. You can hear the blasts and screams from the depths of Eastern Europe to the deserts of the Middle East. Formerly known as Visa, Viza exchanged the audio passort with a carte blanche for invasion. Viza is a brigade of 9 international musicians from Los Angeles, integrating duduk, percussion and oud with the hard edge of rock. K’noup, the fearless leader and voice of Viza, commands the stage with charisma and stamina. With sold out shows in the US and Canada, Viza fans are also tuned in around the world. As Visa, the band released two EPs and two full length albums, along with an award winning music video. Viza is currently managed by Serjical Strike Management headed by Serj Tankian from System of a Down. Be on guard for the release of Viza’s Made in Chernobyl album and tour date announcements.

source: Viza’s Facebook Profile

Hoy Lari


Janet Yetenekian was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She immigrated with her family to California in 1979. After receiving her BS in Business from CSUN, Janet became the owner of two different businesses.

Paola Kassabian was born in Beirut, Lebanon where she attended Jemaran. She moved to Los Angeles in 1986 and continued her high school education at Ferrahian High School. Paola then attended USC School of Pharmacy to pursue a career as a pharmacist.

Janet and Paola are 1st cousins. For the past 15 years, Janet wanted to undertake a project such as this. Paola was thinking of it ever since her oldest son turned one year old and started enjoying both English and Armenian songs. Hoy Lari became a reality only after the cousins shared with one another their passion and love towards children and entertainment through the art of music and dance.

Hoy Lari’s debut CD titled “Jamanagn eh” has 12 fun Armenian recordings. The CD has 12 singable, danceable, happy, educational, and imaginative songs that children of all ages will love.

Their 2nd CD “Getseh Pokreegner” is a collection of 14 brand new songs you can sing and dance to with your children. The CD includes traditional Armenian songs, silly animal songs, as well as songs that will encourage your child’s imagination.

The 3rd CD “Donenk”, will add fun and excitement to your Christmas and Easter celebrations!!! Sing along to our favorite Armenian holiday songs with a new twist for 2008. An upbeat and fresh Birthday song is sure to get your kids dancing and singing…in Armenian. Nominated for BEST CHILDREN’S ALBUM in the 2009 Armenian Music Awards.

Finally here….the new DVD!!! Hoy Lari’s “Yerevagayenk” DVD is great for kids of all ages. They will sing along and dance with Hoy Lari in this fun-filled, colorful, interactive, and educational video. Come along and  go on an imaginary journey together with Hoy Lari.

Hoy Lari is very excited to share new and fun Armenian music with you and we hope to meet you soon!!!

source: Hoy Lari Website