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Category: Armenian DJs

Armenian DJs are the life of any Armenian Event and Armenian Special Occasions like Armenian Weddings, Armenian Baptisms, Armenian Graduations, Armenian Parties, Armenian Barahantes. Armenian DJ’s play a mix of Armenian Music, Arabic Music, Persian Music, French Music, English Music, Greek Music and many other types of music to liven up your Armenian Special Occasions. We’re Proud to present these Armenian DJs and Middle Eastern DJs on Barahantes.Com, the premier Armenian Entertainment Website

Heartbeat DJ Vasken Samuelian on Barahantes.Com

Heartbeat DJ (Vasken)

Heartbeat Disk Jockey has been Southern California’s Premier International Wedding Disk Jockey and Entertainment Services since 1984.

DJ V-Money on Barahantes.Com

DJ V-Money

V-Money grew up in Los Angeles (coming from Armenia 1988) He was a big fan of West Coast hip-hop that took over the world at the time with there Gangsta lyrics & attitude.

Bei-Ru on Barahantes.Com


Born in Los Angeles to Armenian parents who immigrated to the U.S. fleeing the civil war in Lebanon, Bei was raised on a healthy dose of both Eastern & Western music, highly influencing his future musical endeavors.

DJ Raffy Khorozian on Barahantes.Com

DJ Raffy Khorozian

Being in SF, DJ Raffy uncovered all the music and nightlife experiences that he needed to fulfill what became his dream: To bring an amazingly new, unique, and unforgettable party experience to entertainment lovers.

DJ Shanti on Barahantes.Com

DJ Shanti

By far, the most popular English DJ, playing music from the latest US as well as UK & Euro charts, in addition to a plethora of International music mixed only as smoothly as one with Shant ‘s musical prowess could.

DJ Garo Zoulamian on Barahantes.Com

DJ Garo Zoulamian

DJ Garo started officially DJ-ing in 1998, since then he accumulated a lot of experience in performing at different events with different nationalities.



Dj Hye Fx has been rockin’ the L.A. dance scene for a really long time and has built a tremendous following within the industry.

Uneek Entertainment

Uneek Entertainment

DJ UNEEK !!!! The one and only …relax it’s only music!! Uneek Entertainment provides music services plus event coordination for every occasion since 1994.

DJ Nicko on Barahantes.Com

DJ Nicko (Europa Productions)

Since his career began in summer of 2000, Dj Nicko has captivated audiences with his style and choice of music. With great attention to detail, Dj Nicko produces hours of seamless mixing with skill and efficiency