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Armenian DJs are the life of any Armenian Event and Armenian Special Occasions like Armenian Weddings, Armenian Baptisms, Armenian Graduations, Armenian Parties, Armenian Barahantes. Armenian DJ’s play a mix of Armenian Music, Arabic Music, Persian Music, French Music, English Music, Greek Music and many other types of music to liven up your Armenian Special Occasions. We’re Proud to present these Armenian DJs and Middle Eastern DJs on Barahantes.Com, the premier Armenian Entertainment Website

Heartbeat DJ (Vasken)

Heartbeat DJ Vasken Samuelian on Barahantes.ComABOUT HEARTBEAT DJ (VASKEN SAMUELIAN)

Heartbeat Disk Jockey has been Southern California’s Premier International Wedding Disk Jockey and Entertainment Services since 1984.

A recent survey shows that the most important aspect in a special event is not the food, centerpieces, or the cake.  It’s the music!

We realize your wedding day is one of the most precious moments of your life.  Why spend all that money and time to hire an amateur DJ?  With heartbeat DJ, you’ll be sure to have the best and most experiences DJ

source: Heartbeat DJ’s Website

DJ V-Money

DJ V-Money on Barahantes.Com


V-Money grew up in Los Angeles (coming from Armenia 1988) He was a big fan of West Coast hip-hop that took over the world at the time with there Gangsta lyrics & attitude. As years passed by he always had the dream of one day being involved in music some way or some how. He was 15 years old & sitting in his room playin’ to different songs on an old sterio & tryin’ to match the song with his computer that’s when it hit him “that he really enjoyed this”. So one day he was watching TV & he saw Jazzy Jeff doin’ his thing and he was hooked. He didn’t become an official DJ until the age of 22 when he went to WMC Miami for the 1st time ever & was introduced to House Music, that just changed his entire view about music, & he grew every single Minute after that & here he is today.


Bei-Ru on Barahantes.ComABOUT BEI-RU

Bei Ru is a DJ/Producer from Los Angeles, CA.

Born in Los Angeles to Armenian parents who immigrated to the U.S. fleeing the civil war in Lebanon, Bei was raised on a healthy dose of both Eastern & Western music, highly influencing his future musical endeavors. Studying classical piano since the age of 6, Bei wasn’t yet in his teens when L.A.’s burgeoning Rap scene took control of his interests.

Bei got his start DJ’ing at local clubs and functions while still in high school, and eventually started to dabble in production & composition and began incorporating a blend of Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, R&B, Electronic, & Middle Eastern music into his work, and has since collaborated with countless well-known and up-and-coming artists from all over the globe.

Bei Ru was recently featured in The Source Magazine for his now infamous remix project of Jay-Z’s “American Gangster” concept album, aptly titled “Beirut Gangster”, which garnered him worldwide critical acclaim.

Currently, Bei is working on numerous projects including a collaborative effort with L.A.-based emcee Ali Baba as the “Bazaar Bullies”, as well as his highly anticipated follow-up to “Beirut Gangster”, due out in 2010 on his own Musa-Ler Music imprint! STAY TUNED!

source: Bei Ru’s Facebook Profile

DJ Raffy Khorozian

DJ Raffy Khorozian on Barahantes.ComABOUT DJ RAFFY KHOROZIAN

DJ Raffy was born in Ghana, West Africa in the early 70’s but soon left to live in what became most of his life in SF. He immediately became exposed to many genres of  music that up to this day, affect so much of his work. Being born into an Lebanese Armenian  family, Armenian & Middle Eastern music was naturally embedded in his blood and eventually launched his career in the music industry. DJ Raffy’s distinctive musical style eventually crossed over into hip hop, top 40, mash ups, house, 80’S and beyond.

Being in SF, DJ Raffy uncovered all the music and nightlife experiences that he needed to fulfill what became his dream: To bring an amazingly new, unique, and unforgettable party experience to entertainment lovers. With his driven passion set out in front of him, hard work, and significant collaborations with the Bay Area’s top DJs’ and promoters, he is now recognized as one of the top International DJs’ of nightlife. Dj Raffy prides himself on elevating San Francisco’s night scene and bringing a truly unique blend of international beats mixed with today’s top hits.

source: Serj Khorozian

DJ Shanti

DJ Shanti on Barahantes.Com


Shant Ohannessian, was born and raised upon the scales of music, within the majestic melodies of Jerusalem.

By far, the most popular English DJ, playing music from the latest US as well as UK & Euro charts, in addition to a plethora of International music mixed only as smoothly as one with Shant ‘s musical prowess could. Shant creates smooth compositions including Armenian, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindu and Indian melodies, to name but a few. And this is only his Musical ingenuity.

Shant’s popularity in Jerusalem was second to none, receiving personal requests for his services from dignitaries in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem, to headline Special Events from Jordan to Israel.

His irresistible charm and unrelenting positive energies could not be contained. Shant traveled and studied in the U.S., where he continued to successfully offer his DJ’ing services, only to return to Jerusalem where he was immediately hired to work at a radio station called “The Voice of Love and Peace”. This radio station was available internationally and tuned in to by music lovers through out the Middle East and Europe.

Always a vast supporter of community, Shant never allowed his “star status” to keep him from promoting and playing for members of his local community. A true humanitarian, Shant made his services available for local parties, weddings, and special events through out a region otherwise war torn to the beauty and love, made so clearly evident through the Universality of Music. Today, Shant has once again, found melodic warmth, notoriety, & demand in the embrace of individuals hearts, minds and feet, ½ way around the world, on the shores of Canada, in Toronto, Ontario.

source: DJ Shanti’s Website

DJ Garo Zoulamian

DJ Garo Zoulamian on Barahantes.ComABOUT DJ GARO ZOULAMIAN

Dj Garo Zoulamian born in Beirut Lebanon , in April 17 1972. Living in Montreal Canada since 1990. It all started for the love of the music and his passion to the multicultural music, not to forget his curiosity for sound systems. DJ Garo started officially DJ-ing in 1998, since then he accumulated a lot of experience in performing at different events with different nationalities. In the beginning, it all started as a hobby, but the days have changed and he’s going towards perfection and continuous progress. He believes a DJ should be spontaneous, and very comprehensive with the crowd in any event, that’s the only reason, the repertoires he chooses are on spot decisions. Since his 2000 Dj Garo is offering sound and light system rentals and installations for local bands and mostly to Armenian artists performing in the Montreal area. Come and experience with DJ Garo your joyful events, which are guaranteed to be a success.

source: DJ Garo Zoualmian



Dj Hye Fx has been rockin’ the L.A. dance scene for a really long time and has built a tremendous following within the industry. He started before all the software elements were available and deejays really had to have an ear for music and talent for mixing, two fields in which he excelled above others. Although the love for the craft was always there , he first started his venture into djing as a hobby and through the sheer demonstration of his passion for the field he quickly rose to prominence. Eventually earning spots in every major club in LA and even some outside the local LA market such as San Diego,San Francisco, and Las Vegas. He was highly sought after and eventually turned up on all the local radio stations as a mix show DJ. Working closely with KPWR (Power 106 fm) in 2001 he produced the legendary Club Odyssey which is still regarded as one of the most successful events of all time. At the time he was in high demand from every university, club, or organization in the LA/San Diego area for pretty much any and every major party that was planned. His reputation and respect from his fans for his skills were so elevated that just the mere mention of his name on a flier virtually guaranteed a sold out event. He had a deep rooted love for what would now be considered as old skool hip hop and his early mixes reflect this with a lot of the early artists as his primary remixing targets such as Erick B. and Rakim, Run DMC, and KRS-1 to name a few. He later developed a passion for House, Trance and Electronica. This was manifested on his first major produced promo cd “Euro 2000” a fun and vibrant mixed CD which quickly turned into an underground cult classic, released in 1999, during a time when Napster was still a free dl service it has the distinction of being the most downloaded LA indie mix dj cd of its time. He later followed it up with “Phenom” a double cd with a more mature, heavy trance theme along with Dj Riddle. All the meanwhile he had already demonstrated his versatility by becoming one of the most renowned wedding and private party dj’s in the entire country, to the point that his clients gladly paid his higher then the establishment fees for his services. Shortly thereafter, he decided to “retire” from the club scene and continue his private party services and dedicate more time to his family but in early 2007 after overwhelming demand from the public and also due to the mixing bug that bit Hye Fx again he returned to reclaim his spot in the club scene at the top of his trade. He is focused and dedicated once again to be at the top of his game. Yes you read that right HE IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!

source: DJ Hye FX MySpace Page

Uneek Entertainment


DJ UNEEK !!!! The one and only …relax it’s only music .!

Uneek Entertainment provides music services plus event coordination for every occasion since 1994. Your wedding, birthday party, corporate function, holiday party, wrap/premiere party or fundraiser is a direct reflection of your personal style and taste. With your valuable input, Uneek Ent will utilize a personalized approach to create a unique event to satisfy your entertainment needs. Uneek Entertianment offers wide range of competitively priced services and packages to fit most budgets.

DJing professional for 15 years now and has made a name for himself in the los angeles club scene as well as the wedding industry. Along with his vast music knowledge and complete professionalism, Uneek can definitely make your event a success. Uneek’s determination to please the crowd is what keeps him focused on performing at his best, Uneek has a way of blending in with the crowd and by the end of the night you are guaranteed to have a successful event and a new friend. With Uneek Ent rest assured that you have a seasoned, well experienced dj that can incorporate your unique vision while keeping your stress levels at a minimum

DJ Nicko (Europa Productions)

DJ Nicko on Barahantes.Com


Since his career began in summer of 2000, Dj Nicko has captivated audiences with his style and choice of music. With great attention to detail, Dj Nicko produces hours of seamless mixing with skill and efficiency. Spring of 2002 saw the birth of Europa Productions which helped further establish Dj Nicko throughout Southern California. Since his career, Dj Nicko has specialized in mixing various genres of music which include: House music, Hip-hop, and International. Possessing over eleven years of experience has enabled us at Europa Productions to better identify our clients’ needs for any occasion. We specialize in a wide range of events such as Weddings/Engagements, Baptisms, Graduation parties, Birthdays and Corporate events. At Europa Productions we provide you, the client with the special attention you truly deserve.

source: DJ Nicko