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Category: Armenian Models

We are proud to present the following Armenian Models on Barahantes.Com, the Premier Armenian Entertainment Website

Lernik Kezerian on Barahantes.Com

Lernik Kezerian

Lernik started participating in beauty pageants at the age of 14 then started modeling for catalogues.

Maya Kezerian on Barahantes.Com

Maya Kezerian

Maya Kezerian is a 20 year old a model of Iranian- Armenian descent born in Mexico but living in London UK

Ellenie Galestian on Barahantes.Com

Ellenie Galestian

Ellenie’s talents have been embraced by MTV, VH1, Power 106 Radio, SITV’s “The Drop” TV show, NFL, ESPN, NASCAR, Direct TV-NASDAQ, Six Flags, ABC’s morning show, “Good Morning America,” & NBC’s “Today Show.”

Narine Madaryan on Barahantes.Com

Narine Madaryan

Narine Madaryan is an artist. Beauty, love and inspiration are the most important things in what she considers art. Finding beauty in people, places, and things is a God given gift, and she has been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people who are extremely gifted.