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Category: Armenian Musicians

We are proud to present the following Armenian Musicians on Barahantes.Com, the Premier Armenian Entertainment Website

Aram Kalousdian on Barahantes.Com

Aram Kalousdian

Anyone who knows Aram personally would tell you about his appreciation and support to all musicians (professional or beginners) and also for all kinds of music (Rock, Blues, Pop, Country, Folk, Latin…….and Jazz). He always has and always will

Rob Paravonian on Barahantes.Com

Rob Paravonian

After growing up in the Chicago area, son of a first-generation Armenian-American school teacher who was also involved with local politics, Rob Paravonian went to college at USC in Los Angeles and now lives in New York.

Tamar Kaprelian on Barahantes.Com

Tamar Kaprelian

Tamar Kaprelian exploded onto the pop scene when her song “New Day” was introduced to the world in the wedding scene of MTV’s The Hills.

Vik Momkian on Barahantes.Com

Vik Momjian

Vik Momjian is a master of the four, five, and six-string, fretted and fretless electric basses

Paul Apanian on Barahantes.Com

Paul Apanian

Paul Apanian rose to stardom when he was chosen to perform with world renowned artist Sting and then was invited to accompany the artist on his world tour

Arthur Meschian on Barahantes.Com

Arthur Meschian

Arthur Meschian is often referred to as one of the greatest Armenian musicians, artists and poets of our time.

Armen Martirosian on Barahantes.Com

Armen Martirosian

The talented musician was born on 25th of February, in 1963, in Yerevan. He studied the first music lessons in his early childhood and the first teacher was his grandmother, who taught him the nuts and bolts of the notes.

Aramik (Aram) Moosakhanian on Barahantes.Com

Aramik ( Aram ) Moosakhanian

Beneath the religious dogma and political instability of Iran, lies a land rich with culture and heritage often overlooked by western media.

C-Rouge - Serouj Baghdassarian on Barahantes.Com

C-Rouge – Serouj Baghdassarian

Born to an artistic family of composers and performers, Serouj Baghdassarian a.k.a. C-Rouge developed a passion for music at an early age.

Guy Manoukian on Barahantes.Com

Guy Manoukian

Musician, composer, painter and basketball player. He’s a rising star in the East that intends to shine all over the world : Guy Manoukian.

Raffy Zakarian on Barahantes.Com

Raffy Zakarian

Raffy Zakarian born in 24/11/1967, has attended Mesrobian College. He has been inspired, and has loved music from a young age. He first held the guitar, and began learning at the age of 12.

Alén "The Violinist" on Barahantes.Com


Alén is a world class Violinist and a producer. He has performed on such prestigious stages as The Staples Center, The Anaheim Pond, The Greek Theatre, The Great Western Forum…

Raffi Kantarjian on Barahantes.Com

Raffi Kantarjian

Raffi Kantarjian was born in Aleppo,Syria in 1976 and has been playing at a young age which made him realize his passion for music.

Antranig Kzirian - on Barahantes.Com

Antranig Kzirian

Antranig performs on the oud widely across the US, Canada and Europe on the oud at numerous folk festivals and classical concerts.

Nazo Hadidian

Nazo Hadidian

Nazo (Nazar) was born in the city of Aleppo, Syria on September 19, 1971. He has been performing professionally in his native country of Syria, since the age of 15.

Avo Kuyumjian on Barahantes.Com

Avo Kuyumjian (Avo Kouyoumdjian)

Born in Beirut, Lebanon to a family of Armenian descent, Professor Avo Kuyumjian began his studies when he was 12 years old at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.