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Aram Kalousdian

Aram Kalousdian on Barahantes.Com


Aram Kalousdian was born on October 22nd, 1979.

Anyone who knows Aram personally would tell you about his appreciation and support to all musicians (professional or beginners) and also for all kinds of music (Rock, Blues, Pop, Country, Folk, Latin…….and Jazz). He always has and always will …….

Being an Armenian, living in Syria-Aleppo, listening to rock and metal music, and being a big fan of many rock bands since he was 13 years old, he had the chance to drive the sense of many different traditional music cultures; so he chose Drums as his instrument to play on, being inspired by all those legends.

Choosing to play drums was hard in the beginning, for many reasons:
1- No music institutes to teach playing drums.
2- Low budget (he could not afford a small rock kit).
3- No available place to practice.

Aram started playing drums at the age of 16 (1996). He took lessons by a local teacher who taught him the basics to play only some étude on a practice pad. During that time, He was always trying to search for more techniques, groovy rhythms and double bass drumming. But being in a place where no metal bands perform; neither metal concerts nor festivals were established, made it a bit hard for him to learn metal drumming.

After several attempts to play a live performance on stage, He gained the self confidence he needed. His first performance was after six months of playing drums. He played five tracks with some beginner musicians and he thought “take five” was one of the tracks, which has left a great impression on him.

It was a kind of a miracle for him to create a band with some of his friends to play some cover songs and to perform the first rock concert in his country. And from the beginning he dreamt and worked to fulfill his dreams.

Aram first music project was Nu.Clear.Dawn band, created in 1997, which is the first Syrian metal band who released first progressive metal album in 2003 “Poem of a Knight”. The album gained many good reviews in webzine and rock magazines. The band participated in many international festivals with famous metal bands like (U.D.O., Pain of Salvation, Vanden Plas, & with two x-vocals of Iron Maiden), and many concerts in Lebanon and Syria. Still the band is working on more projects for the future, although the members are far from each other. So he can say that Nu.Clear.Dawn is his music birth, his life, his lyrics, and the institute that he lacked as he grew fond of music and drums.

In addition to his metal concerts with Nu.Clear.Dawn, he had the opportunity to share in many festivals and jazz concerts, like the Armenian Big Band, Notta Syrian jazz band from Damascus, which they performed together in the Syrian Jazz Lives Festival in 2006. Also he played with other jazz bands for some gigs and sharing in music day festivals and making tribute for famous jazz legends “Claude Bolling”.

Back to festivals, hereunder one of the huge music festivals which he created, organized, and produced it by himself

The Syrian Guitar Festival

It’s an annual festival for all kind of guitar players in Syria. The idea came from playing many music styles of different musicians all together. Then it’s developed to the idea of gathering different guitar players on the stage for different genres. Coming projects will be with international guitar players.

Besides to these concerts and festivals he have enjoyed his music life, his music career in his music instruments store (La Guitarra), which is all musicians’ choice in Syria for its well-known and International brands. To continue enjoying my career, he spend most of his time after the store in his rehearsal studio (Blue Note), which he made it to gather all musicians together to enjoy practicing and making jam, where you could listen to all music genres.

Aram proud of what he has achieved. He is really not the guy for miracle medicine, but if you want one:
Practice, practice, practice… sometimes maybe even practice, give your best – and trust your dreams.

Rob Paravonian

Rob Paravonian on Barahantes.ComABOUT ROB PARAVONIAN

After growing up in the Chicago area, son of a first-generation Armenian-American school teacher who was also involved with local politics, Rob Paravonian went to college at USC in Los Angeles and now lives in New York. Rob writes and performs comedy and music and is a regualar at New York stand-up clubs and alternative comedy spaces. He also tours the country playing colleges and comedy clubs everywhere from Florida to Alaska, and from Maine to Montana.

Rob discovered music at an early age, learning cello at age six and playing it from grade school through to the Waukegan High School Symphony (yes, there was a Waukeagn High School Symphony). At age 10 Rob got his first taste of life on the road when the Grade School Orchestra went to nationals in Nashville, and at 13 he went to Florida with the High School Chamber Orchestra.

While in high school, Rob taught himself guitar and bass and began playing in bands, much to the dismay of his music instructors. While he was still underage, he played in bars in Chicago, Milwaukee, and once he went to college, the greater Los Angeles area.

Although music had been the bulk of his life up until college, as an undergrad Rob pursued his other passion and studied writing. U.S.C.’s creative writing program was headed by author T.C. Boyle and Rob focused on short fiction and novellas.

Rob also found a new love while in college comedy; and he began performing at wide-open shows in artsy cafes in L.A. (the precursor to the alternative comedy trend).

Comedy took Rob back to Chicago after college, where he studied improvisation and ensemble work at the legendary Second City Training Center. While in Chicago Rob became a regular at the Improv and began going on the road, playing the midwest clubs and headlining colleges from coast to coast.

Not wanting to limit himself to being a touring performer, Rob moved to New York where he has made a name for himself as an intelligent and unique performer. Rob quickly became a regular at Catch a Rising Star, has appeared on Comedy Central, VH1, has written cartoon theme songs, written and performed sketch shows and is on his third solo show.

And he still plays the cello.

source: Rob Paravonian’s Website

Tamar Kaprelian

Tamar Kaprelian on Barahantes.ComABOUT TAMAR KAPRELIAN

Tamar Kaprelian exploded onto the pop scene when her song “New Day” was introduced to the world in the wedding scene of MTV’s The Hills. She was first discovered when she won an Interscope Record contest with her cover of OneRepublic’s hit single, “Apologize”.

Tamar Kaprelian was born in Scottsdale, Arizona and brought up in both Georgia and California by Armenian parents, surrounded by love and great music. Tamar has been writing songs as long as she can remember, influenced as a kid by classic Disney films, but her true love of music came about when she discovered Billy Joel and Paul McCartney…and in love she fell. Tamar Kaprelian will be releasing her first album on Interscope Records in 2010 and you can expect to hear thought-provoking, hopeful, playful, and honest songs. It’s a coming-of-age record that chronicles her life, relationships, and her utter determination to create an album that is real and true to Tamar, both personally and artistically.

source: Tamar Kaprelian’s Facebook Page

Vik Momjian

Vik Momkian on Barahantes.ComABOUT VIK MOMJIAN

Vik Momjian is a master of the four, five, and six-string, fretted and fretless electric basses. While his musical roots started on the piano at age nine, Vik turned to the guitar at age fourteen and ultimately discovered his true voice through the electric bass at age fifteen. Having studied with many significant musicians, three of Vik’s most influential instructors were Jim Lacefield, Steve Bailey, and John Pena. In addition, he has his own line of basses and is endorsed by many notable companies. Over the last few years, Vik has established himself as the first-call musician for many top Middle Eastern and ethno-European artists. When he’s not touring the world with these artists, he spends his days in town doing sessions, teaching, and playing with Excursion. His soulful playing not only brings enormous heart to the project, but it is an integral part of the band’s sound and energy.He has a brilliant sense of groove and is a unique improviser, with his incredible dexterity and slapping techniques.

source: Vik Momjian’s Website

Vik Momjian is a master of the four, five, and six-string, fretted and fretless electric basses. While his musical roots started on the piano at age nine, Vik turned to the guitar at age fourteen and ultimately discovered his true voice through the electric bass at age fifteen. Having studied with many significant musicians, three of Vik’s most influential instructors were Jim Lacefield, Steve Bailey, and John Pena. In addition, he has his own line of basses and is endorsed by many notable companies. Over the last few years, Vik has established himself as the first-call musician for many top Middle Eastern and ethno-European artists. When he’s not touring the world with these artists, he spends his days in town doing sessions, teaching, and playing with Excursion. His soulful playing not only brings enormous heart to the project, but it is an integral part of the band’s sound and energy.He has a brilliant sense of groove and is a unique improviser, with his incredible dexterity and slapping techniques.

Paul Apanian

Paul Apanian on Barahantes.ComABOUT PAUL APANIAN

Paul Apanian was born in Beirut on september 22, 1980. He attended the conservatory in 1996 where he studied the Tabla and oriental music for 8 years.

Paul Apanian rose to stardom when he was chosen to perform with world renowned artist Sting and then was invited to accompany the artist on his world tour. Paul is a very talented young artist that copes with every kind of arrangement and uses his Arabic instrument in all kinds of music ranging from Salsa to sometimes classical. In 2002, Paul attended the (studio el fann /version of Art studio) programme on LBCI and he won the medallion.

He played his instrument with several International artists and orchestras such as DJ Said Mrad, Sting, Guy Manoukian, Raoul di Blasio and The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra

He participated in international festivals including:

  • Live in Cairo,Guy Manoukian‘s concert, Egypt
  • International Music Festival 2005, Russia
  • The Music Festival in Jordan .
  • Formula One Event in Bahrain “July – 2005”
  • Dubai International Jazz Festival “March – 2007”
  • Qatar National Theatre “April – 2008”
  • Palais des Congres – Dbayeh, Beirut “June – 2008”
  • Aram Khachatryan Concert Hall – Yerevan, Armenia “July – 2008”
  • Abu Dhabi Jazz Festival “November – 2008”
  • Esplanade – Singapore “April – 2009”
  • Beiteddine – Lebanon “August – 2009”
  • K. Demirchyan Sport-Concert Complex – Yerevan, Armenia September 2009
  • Qatar National Theatre “March – 2010
  • Summer 2001 Sting (Baalbeck Festival) performing oriental drums
  • Summer 2004 Raoul di Blasio Concert (Forum de Beirut)
  • Guy Manoukian concerts, Jazz festival Dubai 2007

source: Kharma Productions Website

Arthur Meschian

Arthur Meschian on Barahantes.ComABOUT ARTHUR MESCHIAN

Arthur Meschian is often referred to as one of the greatest Armenian musicians, artists and poets of our time.

Many still hold memories of live recordings of Meschian and “Apostles” in the late 60’s and 70’s recorded on boom-boxes. They began as three architecture students at Yerevan Institute of Technology — the “Apostles” quickly rose to become the voice of a generation. Amalgamating Armenian gospel with rock rhythms, the band left an unforgettable impression on their audience. Those were the times of suppression and Soviet censorship. The voices of the “Apostles”, like many in that era, were heavily muffled and even banned. Yet repetitive attempts of the governing powers to ban or sabotage the band’s concerts by shutting down the electricity, or blocking entrances of the concert venues, were in vain. Some still remember the candlelit concerts where Arthur’s voice soared over his acoustic guitar and reached every person in the back row clear as day. Nor will they ever forget the sight of thousands of students breaking though police barricades to get into concert halls where the “Apostles” were performing.

Still the band managed to find ways to avoid the red tape. In 1970, the “Apostles” performed a theatrical piece “The Insane Asylum”, which quickly became recognized as the first Armenian rock opera. Then they went on to tour a number of Soviet Republics, playing at college campuses across the USSR.

In 1975, while still with the “Apostles”, Meschian was commissioned by the great Catolicos Vazken I to write a requiem dedicated to those fallen in 1915, bringing together the pioneering style of his rock band and the classical sounds of the Armenian Chamber Orchestra. In search of the lyrical content for this piece, Meschian turned to a book called “The Suffering” (Tarapank) by the great Armenian poet Mushegh Ishkhan, who had experienced the Genocide of 1915 as a child fleeing death with his remaining family. Through Ishkhan’s words, Meschian and the “Apostles” delivered the true essence of the Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

1978 – Even though the “Apostles'” music was banned from the media, Meschian managed to get the band onto a national television network by scoring the music for a televised play called “The Cannibal” (Martaker). Although the play had a political undertone it somehow managed to slip through the cracks of censorship, and the “Apostles” managed to appear live on national television.

None of the details of the “Apostles'” disappearance from the scene in the late 70’s ever became public. The void that followed was being filled by quickly emerging singer/songwriters trying to recreate what was lost. Then in 1984 Meschian emerged on his own with a new lineup. The lineup included two of his protégés – Vahan Artsruni and Gourgen Melikian. This marked the beginning of Meschian’s flourishing musical career.

Though the doors to main concert halls were still closed for Meschian’s concerts, he continued packing auditoriums of every type possible. The “Apostles” fans, now as mature adults, continued to show. Also new faces began to appear. A new wave of college students caught wind of what was happening in the underground and with every show their numbers increased. The dates were announced by word of mouth one or two days prior to the concerts, so as to prevent the local authorities from seizing the chance to interfere.

Meschian’s charisma won the attention of a number of Armenian film makers. Meschian was hounded with multiple offers to appear in films. He continuously declined every single offer that came his way. Then in 1984, film director Rouben Kevorkiants made him an offer he could not refuse. Kevorkiants was preparing to shoot a film about the life of the great Armenian poet Michael Nalbandian. He promised Meschian full creative control over the music if he would agree to appear in the lead role as Michael Nalbandian. Meschian agreed. This was his first and last opportunity to professionally record his music while still living in Soviet Armenia. The film included three instrumental pieces and the song “Ancient Land” (Yerkir Hnamya), written especially for the film.

In 1988 a new political movement started. The Armenian region of Artsakh (Karabakh) decided to declare autonomy from the republic of Azerbaijan. A giant wave of supporters began gathering in front of Yerevan Opera House in demonstration of their support for the struggling region. This is the kind of movement Meschian had been waiting for. New faces began to emerge as leaders of this political movement. They soon became known as the Pan Armenian Movement Committee (PAMC). During this time Meschian, along with singer/songwriter Rouben Hakhverdian, staged a concert to uplift the spirits of the protesters who would sleep on the steps of the Opera House. The concert caused an unexpected controversy. PAMC saw this concert as a threat. Still, they could not stop the concert from happening. Imagine the look on Arthur’s face when the electricity went off after his second song. His first thought was “the communists?” — imagine his surprise when a representative of the Pan Armenian Movement Committee claimed the responsibility for shutting down the electricity…

In 1989 Meschian moved to the US seeking the opportunity to record and document twenty years worth of material he had written. In 1990 he emerged with his first full length album “Catharsis”. In 1992 he released the “Monologue of the Crazed Violinist.” In 1996 he released “Catharsis II”, “Wander”, and “Communion”. Then in December of 2001, this four volume box-set including all of Meschian’s musical work was released which includes two new tracks.

souce: Arthur Meschian’s Facebook Profile

Armen Martirosian

Armen Martirosian on Barahantes.ComABOUT ARMEN MARTIROSIAN

The talented musician was born on 25th of February, in 1963, in Yerevan. He studied the first music lessons in his early childhood and the first teacher was his grandmother, who taught him the nuts and bolts of the notes. At the same time Armen’s parents introduced their son with different genres of musical art (ballet, opera and concerts of symphonic music).

In 1970, when he was a seven year old boy, he entered the well-known music school being already familiar with the notes, having absolute hearing and a sense of rhythm. Since then the teachers have noticed the absolute composing abilities and rare intuition for performing musical composition.

In 1978 the fourteen year old boy met Edward Mirzoyan, the Chairman of the Composers’ Union of Armenia. It was a historical event for the teenager.

In 1980 he entered the Yerevan State Conservatory named after Komitas, the composition class of Edward Mirzoyan.

In 1982 Armen married his school-friend Tatyana Dagbashyan, who became his muse and the close friend for the whole life.

The strong innovative character distinguished Armen Martirosyan among the others; he was the first composer in Armenia, who applied the computer technologies in music. From 1991 up to 1995 were the “traveling years” of maestro. During these four years he had been working in Switzerland as a pianist.

From 1995 to 1997 he was working in the Armenian Song Theatre as a producer and arranger

In 1997 he became an artistic director and a conductor of AJB, the Armenian Jazz Band

source: Armen Martirosian’s Facebook Profile

Aramik ( Aram ) Moosakhanian

Aramik (Aram) Moosakhanian on Barahantes.ComABOUT ARAMIK (ARAM) MOOSAKHANIAN

Beneath the religious dogma and political instability of Iran, lies a land rich with culture and heritage often overlooked by western media. In fact, Iran is home to one the richest art histories in the entire world. Quoting from prominent Iranologist Richard Nelson Frye’s latest book on Iran: “Iran’s glory has always been its culture.” It’s small wonder then as to how such a tumultuous region can produce such a fine talent as Aram.

Born in Southern Iran in 1967, Aram began playing guitar at the age of nine. Formally trained in the classical style, Aram’s love of the guitar and music in general are what inspired him to explore alternate styles of music. This exploration subsequently gave rise to his ability to compose and sing, not only in his native Armenian tongue, but Persian and English as well. Aram credits Keyvan Mirhadizadeh and Mohammad Reza Darvish of Iran for his song writing capabilities and theoretical knowledge of music.

Arriving in Canada in 1999, Aram would continue developing his skills and shaping his sound, but it wasn’t until much later that his career would begin to flourish. In 2006, Aram would release AHA AYS YESEM, an Armenian CD which would go on to be nominated as Alternative Album Of The Year by the Armenian Music Awards held in Los Angeles. Aram would follow up with the release of a Persian CD entitled Ghazaleh Nagofteh or Untold Poem. A number of videos would soon follow. One of which, Armenian Children, pays homage to those who were left orphaned after the devastating Armenian earthquake of 1988. Aram’s second Armenian CD, to be released in December of 2007, contains his first English Rock composition entitled War Song, in which Aram utilizes a number of world instruments such as the Arabian Tabla. Aram is grateful for his multilingual musical capabilities and hopes that War Song will pave the way for his first ever English CD release.

source: Aramik (Aram) Moosakhanian’s Website

C-Rouge – Serouj Baghdassarian

C-Rouge - Serouj Baghdassarian on Barahantes.ComABOUT SEROUJ BAGHDASSARIAN – C-ROUGE

Born to an artistic family of composers and performers, Serouj Baghdassarian a.k.a. C-Rouge developed a passion for music at an early age. He became a DJ in his early teens, quickly moving on to music production.

Experimenting with some remixes at first, C-Rouge soon released his own debut single titled Groong which snatched the #1 spot on and Influenced by his father—Seto Baghdassarian and his Armenian background, C-Rouge decided to reflect his heritage in his debut album by carefully blending modern Trance sounds with traditional Armenian melodies thus giving birth to genoTrancide. The album received great critical acclaim and established C-Rouge as an up and coming producer. genoTrancide, was later signed by Vibe Lebanon Records and was promoted on all major online digital stores. A follow-up production called Redemption was also signed by the same label company

In 2007 genoTrancide was finally released by GEKA Records in the United States and on major online music stores such as iTunes, Napster, MusicIsHere, and iLike. The album received critical acclaim from,,, and various radio and print media. In the same year genoTrancide was launched at Virgin Megastores Lebanon. The album became No. 1 in Virgin’s Best Sellers for weeks on end while C-Rouge was featured as Artist of the Week. In late 2007, genoTrancide was nominated for the best Trance and House Album in the US-held Armenian Music Awards.

C-Rouge began 2008 with a series of gigs at clubs across Lebanon proving that he is both a class-A DJ as well as a producer. C-rouge often surprises many people by his ability to entertain a “non-trance crowd” something very few trance DJs/producers have managed to accomplish.

By September 2008, fans were anxious for something new from C-rouge. The wait was over when C-Rouge reworked a traditional Armenian song Dle Yaman—which featured vocals by his mother, Shaké Baghdassarian. The launch of Dle Yaman was accompanied by four other remixes by Raneem, Amir Atme, Lon Rewell, Front on Proxoz Recordings. The track was supported by European and US DJs such as Ernesto vs Bastian, M.I.K.E., Danjo and others. In April 2009, Dle Yaman was released as a video clip directed by Suzie Selman and became an instant hit on YouTube. The song is currently a top downloaded cell phone ringtone in Lebanon.

Soon after in October 2008, the album Eternity was released by GEKA Records USA and it quickly became a Best Selling album at Virgin Megastores Lebanon for a second time in less than two years. The album was supported by NRJ radio in Lebanon.

Unlike previous albums Eternity featured vocals and included a wider shade and diversity of sound targeting a wider audience. Eternity received praises from top producers in the field such as Leon Bolier, Joop, Lee Hasslam, John Aquaviva, Christopher Lawrence, John OO Fleming, and many others.

C-rouge continues to produce and play music at clubs in the Middle East where he is one of the top sought after DJs.

source: C-Rouge Website

Guy Manoukian

Guy Manoukian on Barahantes.ComABOUT GUY MANOUKIAN

Musician, composer, painter and basketball player.

He’s a rising star in the East that intends to shine all over the world : Guy Manoukian.

Guy Manoukian started to play piano at the age of four, when he started studying classical music. He first appeared on T.V at the age of 6; he played for president Amin El Gmayel at the age of 7 at the presidential Palace.

He started composing at the age of 8, when he won his first competition.

He stated preforming professional concerts in 1997, where he played at the Jeita grotto followed by to sold out concerts at the UNESCO palace.

Raffy Zakarian

Raffy Zakarian on Barahantes.ComABOUT RAFFY ZAKARIAN

Raffy Zakarian born in 24/11/1967, has attended Mesrobian College. He has been inspired, and has loved music from a young age. He first held the guitar, and began learning at the age of 12.

He made his first appearance on stage at the age of 18, performing European style music. From that day on, he organized an Armenian band under his name. He has played for many famous Armenian singers.

He composed two hit songs in 1995, “Vokhchoun Kez Hayasdan” and “Hrashapar Dsnounte”, and with ten respected, and talented Armenian singers, singing the song.

From the year 2008, he made 3 vol of CDs.

The first Vol, consists of classic European songs.

The second Vol, consists of Armenian songs.

Finally the third Vol, consists of his composed Armenian songs, in which most of the music and lyrics is done by him.

He now hopes to compose more English songs, with his own lyrics and music

source: Raffy Zakarian



Alén is a world class Violinist and a producer. He has performed on such prestigious stages as The Staples Center, The Anaheim Pond, The Greek Theatre, The Great Western Forum, The Nasau Calisium in Long Island New York, The MGM Grand and The Venetian in Las Vegas and other stages throughout the United States. Since 1999, he has released 4 multi-genre albums which are available on iTunes and Amazon. ALEN’S LATEST PROJECT TITLED “INTIMATE VIOLIN” HAS MADE IT INTO THE GRAMMYS FIRST BALLOT IN 2 CATEGORIES. ALL GRAMMY VOTING MEMBERS PLEASE CHECK OUT HIS MUSIC AND CONSIDER IT WHEN VOTING. Alén is available to perform at functions ranging from Concerts and Corporate events to other private events and guest performances. Stay tuned for more details. Alén is also available to add beautiful string section sound to your next project and/or produce your next project.

source: Alén

Alén is a world class Violinist and a producer. He has performed on such prestigious stages as The Staples Center, The Anaheim Pond, The Greek Theatre, The Great Western Forum, The Nasau Calisium in Long Island New York, The MGM Grand and The Venetian in Las Vegas and other stages throughout the United States.

Raffi Kantarjian

Raffi Kantarjian on Barahantes.Com


Raffi Kantarjian was born in Aleppo,Syria in 1976 and has been playing at a young age which made him realize his passion for music.

At a young age, he had a passion to play Guitar and rock out.  He revived his education in Aleppo, after living in Greece for a few years, returning to Aleppo to follow his dreams.

Kantarjian has participated and hosted many national parties throughout the world. He has also played with famous Armenian artists in Sweden, Lebanon, Dubai, and Greece. Hosting concerts, Kantarjian always left a great impression in the people’s recreational lives.

Kantarjian has composed patriotic and passionate types of music that has touched many people’s souls throughout different nations.and recorded in many Syrian radio

For the first time, Kantarjian organized the Syrian Guitar Festival which was held in Aleppo. He has also contributed in many others Bands like Jazz & Rock .

He is also a teacher in many Academies providing guitar lessons in Parsegh Ganatchian, Aram Khatchadourian also in kessab Misagian

In 2009, Kantarjian was rewarded by Karen Yeppe Jemaran with the name of his new band which was named Nor Asdgher. and he also was a big master in Big Band Estrada.

source: Raffi Kantarjian

Antranig Kzirian

Antranig Kzirian - on Barahantes.ComABOUT ANTRANIG KZIRIAN

Antranig performs on the oud widely across the US, Canada and Europe on the oud at numerous folk festivals and classical concerts. Antranig’s command of the guitar has also garnered him much acclaim in music circles around the country. Aside from his extensive touring schedule, Antranig performs as a member of the Aravod Ensemble, History Project Series and Visa and has participated in collaborations with other recording artists as a composer, writer and experienced studio musician. The theoretical framework within which Antranig operates musically allows him to arrange thoughtful and profound musical landscapes, and he is called upon frequently for his unique interpretation of the oud.

When he’s not teaching guitar and oud to music students to pass on Armenian music and culture, Antranig ventures into fusion and other world music projects and enjoys exploring the Sitar and violin. Antranig also is an accomplished performer on the guitar, bass, saz and bouzouki. Antranig is currently studying diplomacy and finance at Columbia University and holds degrees in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and law from Villanova University. His musical influences include Oudi Hrant Kenkulian, the Armenian oud master, Oudi Yorgo Bacanos, George Mgrdichian, John Berberian, Ara Dinkjian, Richard Hagopian, Mal Barsamian, John Bilezikjian and several rock and metal groups.  Antranig has recently performed with Gor, Sonya Varoujian and various other artists.

source: Antranig Kzirian

Nazo Hadidian


Nazo (Nazar) was born in the city of Aleppo, Syria on September 19, 1971.  He has been performing professionally in his native country of Syria, since the age of 15.  He pursued his musical studies at the Aleppo Music College and at the Music Institute of Parsegh Ganachian in Lebanon, where he focused on Bass.

Nazo He has been a member of the prestigious Syrian united Artists since 1994 as a professional bass player.  He performed with the major musical bands in town Aleppo (GOMIDAS BAND), The Armenian community (THE BIG BAND), and Shoghag & Friends Jazz trio.

Nazo has played both natioanlly and internationally, and has been involved in independent music projects throughout Southern California from Middle Eastern music (Persian,Arabic,Armenian) to contemporary and jazz fusion.

Recently, in 2009, Nazo graduated from The Los Angeles Recording School expanding his career to audio engineering and audio post production field.

In 2002 Nazo moved with his parent to the United States, and currently resides in the city of Los Angeles.

source: Nazo Hadidian’s Webste

Avo Kuyumjian (Avo Kouyoumdjian)


Born in Beirut, Lebanon to a family of Armenian descent, Professor Avo Kuyumjian began his studies when he was 12 years old at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.   He was the youngest student at the time majoring in piano performance.  At the University he studied with Professor Dieter Weber, Noel Flores, Alexander Jenner and Georg Ebert.  He continued his postgraduate work with Djanko Iliev, Stanislaw Neuhaus and Alica Kezeradze.

Professor Kuyumjian’s career as an artist performer, professor, director, and administrator is marked by the many accomplishments he has achieved in the field of music since he won the first price at the Sixth International Beethoven Competition in Vienna in 1981.   Since then he has performed in well renowned concert halls in Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan.   He has been a soloist with well renowned orchestras around the world and taken part in many different festivals.  He is a sought out juror in major international competitions in addition to conducting master classes in many universities in Europe and Japan.   His recordings with many great artists and especially with his long time duo partner Takumi Kubota, well demonstrate his artistry as a pianist and a chamber musician.

In 1997, he was appointed Professor of Piano and Chamber Music in the Keyboard Department at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna where he began his pedagogical career as an assistant professor in 1987.  He is the initiator and founder of the International Joseph Haydn Chamber Music Competition in the same University and in 2002 he became the cofounder/ director of the Joseph Haydn Chamber Music Institute of the University.  Since the summer of 2004, he has been the Artistic Director at the “piano a St. Ursanne” festival in Switzerland.

source: Avo Kuyumjian