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Maral's Pastry, Van Nuys, CA on Barahantes.Com

Maral’s Pastry, Van Nuys, CA

Our passion for excellence in baking and creating has lead to our success. We simply love what we do.

Mystery Beat Rehearsal and Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA on Barahantes.Com

Mystery Beat Rehearsal and Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Well designed large size rooms with great isolation and sound proof walls, equipped with PAs’, drums and Bass/Guitar Amps that will satisfy your needs!

Falafel Guy on Barahantes.Com


Falafel Guy is a traditional Mediterranean fast food or sit down restaurant in a modern setting, up beat, trendy place with flat tv’s and a very relaxing ambience.

Napa Valley Limoncello on Barahantes.Com

Napa Valley Limoncello

From the heart of Napa Valley comes the world’s first and only Limoncello meticulously handcrafted using organic Meyer Lemons

MonoGiggle.Com on Barahantes.Com


At monoGiggle, our goal is to help you find that one wonderful wedding
favor to share with your guests.

Alpha Graphic Arts on Barahantes.Com

Alpha Graphic Arts

We know how important it is to find the perfect graphic designer! Since 2007, Alpha Graphic Arts has part taken in hundreds of designs for a wide variety of people.

Torinto Specialty Sandwiches, Pasadena, CA on Barahantes.Com

Torino Specialty Sandwiches

First established in 1992, Torino Specialty Sandwiches has become a staple in the Pasadena, California area as a premier Specialty Sandwich eatery.

Event Planning Galore on Barahantes.Com

Event Planning Galore

Event Planning Galore specializes in planning any sort of event for about any occasion you could think of for a very affordable price and great customer satisfaction.

Best of Mediterranean - Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine - on Barahantes.Com

Best of Mediterranean

Offering a unique and tasty dining experience, Best of Mediterranean® (BOM) features authentic Mediterranean food served in friendly atmosphere by a customer service-focused staff and also operates an exceptional catering service.

Nory Rahat Locum - on Barahantes.Com

Nory Rahat Locum

Rahat locum translates into “contentment of the throat.” For over forty years, NORY CANDY AND PASTRY’s mission has been to convert that description into sweet, chewy, nutty candies (locums) adorned in powdered sugar.

MacTavich Jewelers, Irvine, CA on Barahantes.Com

MacTavish Jewelers, Irvine, CA

MacTavish Jewelers, a family owned and operated buisness by the Mardirossian brothers, have dedicated themselves to bringing you the very best of the designer and custom jewelery since 1975.