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Have you heard the avedis?
Young new artist AVEDIS (AVE- DEES) whose name means “good news” in Armenian, has finally broke out of his creative cocoon and is ready to get heard. This Canadian-Armenian moved to Toronto from Lebanon with his family in hopes of escaping the dangers of Civil War to come to a country of peace and opportunity. At an early age of 4, Avedis’ talents started to get noticed by family and friends when the fireplace mantle often became a stage for the young toddler. It was no surprise that by the age of 8, he performed at a cultural event at a local community centre in front of 1000 people and created a huge buzz within the Toronto- Armenian community.

As he continued to perform at more cultural events and talent shows as a kid, Avedis started to really develop his talents. At the age of 17, he had his major TV debut on Canadian Idol Season 3 as a Top 100 Competitor, where he got a taste of what the industry would have in store. Soon after, his love for pop/dance music helped him achieve his first nationwide release. With the help of Juno nominated Dance artist ELISSA, “Su Di Noi” his first record, was featured on the TONY MONACO EUROHITS 2006 Compilation CD and sold all over Canada. Soon after, his second track, “Let Me Be The One” was featured on the Bangin Beats Vol. 3 Compilation and sold all over the USA. After performing at numerous Toronto club shows, including opening up for International Dance Phenomenon CASCADA, and still being only 18, Avedis really wanted to take the time to develop himself. After seeking out Toronto’s best in the industry he took the time to learn, grow and really feel comfortable with what he was producing.

Just a few short years later Avedis is ready to make some noise again with his new Electro/Glam/Pop sound. His goal is to make you feel good and make your body move, cause that’s what good music should do to everyone! Spread the love, word and music! Spread the avedis!

source: Avedis Facebook Group

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