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DJ Garo Zoulamian on Barahantes.ComABOUT DJ GARO ZOULAMIAN

Dj Garo Zoulamian born in Beirut Lebanon , in April 17 1972. Living in Montreal Canada since 1990. It all started for the love of the music and his passion to the multicultural music, not to forget his curiosity for sound systems. DJ Garo started officially DJ-ing in 1998, since then he accumulated a lot of experience in performing at different events with different nationalities. In the beginning, it all started as a hobby, but the days have changed and he’s going towards perfection and continuous progress. He believes a DJ should be spontaneous, and very comprehensive with the crowd in any event, that’s the only reason, the repertoires he chooses are on spot decisions. Since his 2000 Dj Garo is offering sound and light system rentals and installations for local bands and mostly to Armenian artists performing in the Montreal area. Come and experience with DJ Garo your joyful events, which are guaranteed to be a success.

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