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Dj Hye Fx has been rockin’ the L.A. dance scene for a really long time and has built a tremendous following within the industry. He started before all the software elements were available and deejays really had to have an ear for music and talent for mixing, two fields in which he excelled above others. Although the love for the craft was always there , he first started his venture into djing as a hobby and through the sheer demonstration of his passion for the field he quickly rose to prominence. Eventually earning spots in every major club in LA and even some outside the local LA market such as San Diego,San Francisco, and Las Vegas. He was highly sought after and eventually turned up on all the local radio stations as a mix show DJ. Working closely with KPWR (Power 106 fm) in 2001 he produced the legendary Club Odyssey which is still regarded as one of the most successful events of all time. At the time he was in high demand from every university, club, or organization in the LA/San Diego area for pretty much any and every major party that was planned. His reputation and respect from his fans for his skills were so elevated that just the mere mention of his name on a flier virtually guaranteed a sold out event. He had a deep rooted love for what would now be considered as old skool hip hop and his early mixes reflect this with a lot of the early artists as his primary remixing targets such as Erick B. and Rakim, Run DMC, and KRS-1 to name a few. He later developed a passion for House, Trance and Electronica. This was manifested on his first major produced promo cd “Euro 2000” a fun and vibrant mixed CD which quickly turned into an underground cult classic, released in 1999, during a time when Napster was still a free dl service it has the distinction of being the most downloaded LA indie mix dj cd of its time. He later followed it up with “Phenom” a double cd with a more mature, heavy trance theme along with Dj Riddle. All the meanwhile he had already demonstrated his versatility by becoming one of the most renowned wedding and private party dj’s in the entire country, to the point that his clients gladly paid his higher then the establishment fees for his services. Shortly thereafter, he decided to “retire” from the club scene and continue his private party services and dedicate more time to his family but in early 2007 after overwhelming demand from the public and also due to the mixing bug that bit Hye Fx again he returned to reclaim his spot in the club scene at the top of his trade. He is focused and dedicated once again to be at the top of his game. Yes you read that right HE IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!

source: DJ Hye FX MySpace Page

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