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Shant Ohannessian, was born and raised upon the scales of music, within the majestic melodies of Jerusalem.

By far, the most popular English DJ, playing music from the latest US as well as UK & Euro charts, in addition to a plethora of International music mixed only as smoothly as one with Shant ‘s musical prowess could. Shant creates smooth compositions including Armenian, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindu and Indian melodies, to name but a few. And this is only his Musical ingenuity.

Shant’s popularity in Jerusalem was second to none, receiving personal requests for his services from dignitaries in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem, to headline Special Events from Jordan to Israel.

His irresistible charm and unrelenting positive energies could not be contained. Shant traveled and studied in the U.S., where he continued to successfully offer his DJ’ing services, only to return to Jerusalem where he was immediately hired to work at a radio station called “The Voice of Love and Peace”. This radio station was available internationally and tuned in to by music lovers through out the Middle East and Europe.

Always a vast supporter of community, Shant never allowed his “star status” to keep him from promoting and playing for members of his local community. A true humanitarian, Shant made his services available for local parties, weddings, and special events through out a region otherwise war torn to the beauty and love, made so clearly evident through the Universality of Music. Today, Shant has once again, found melodic warmth, notoriety, & demand in the embrace of individuals hearts, minds and feet, ½ way around the world, on the shores of Canada, in Toronto, Ontario.

source: DJ Shanti’s Website

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  1. I am planning to host a lavish function for chairty. Your strive to make this world a better place brightens my hope for the future. Are you interested in donating your time?

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