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Elie Berberian


Elie Berberian was born and raised in Beirut Lebanon. His singing talent was discovered by his parents at an early age.

In 1992 when he was only 10, Elie had his first concert and thus he was introduced to the Armenian public. This was the beginning of his successful singing career. By the great demand of the audience he had performed again later that year and was considered “The miracle child”. “This is a 30 year old throat in a 12 year old kid… he’s a miracle.” had said the astonished Lebanese composer and singer Mr. Zaki Nassif In 1994 after hearing ‘’The’’ voice for the first time. But the Miracle Kid had to hold the career to continue his education. In the year 2000, a graduate from Levon and Sophia Hagopian college, he attended the Lebanese national higher conservatory in a quest for musical education and also vocal training sessions with Mrs. Nona Manoyan.

In 2002, a ‘’Mejliss Night’’ (Mejlissi yerego) was organized by Azadamard Armenian center in Ashrafieh. Being invited to the party Elie had been asked to sing again. His remarkable style and talent captured the hearts of the crowd gathered that night. Later that year and in collaboration with ‘’Hamazkayin Roupen Zartarian’’ the Armenian Cultural association, Elie produced his first CD of Armenian folk songs joined by three other Armenian artists. After a huge success ,his second CD was produced.

In 2004, Elie Berberian won the title of “Best discovered talent” in a competition organized by “Vanatsayn” the Armenian radio broadcasting station in Lebanon. He had already performed in Syria and UEA “Abou Dhabi” and Kuwait upon 8 invitations. In 2006 Elie was invited to perform in Montréal Canada, where he chose to stay and achieve his musical education as a tenor at McGill University of Montreal by maestro Stefano Algieri. In a very short period of time he captured the hearts of Montreal Armenians also.

Elie Berberian is the love and the pride of today’s young and old generations Moreover he has a very busy schedule of performances all over Canada.

source: Elie Berberian’s Website

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