Entertainment, the Web, and You

If you’re a big fan of entertainment but you’ve found that nothing’s ever on TV or that you’re lacking the best films to watch without shelling out for DVDs, then you’ll find the internet to be a haven of high-quality entertainment. Even major studios are turning towards looking to the web as the future of entertainment, as although the alternative (television, cinema) may survive, many people want the immediacy and and convenience that the world wide web can offer.

Whether you’re looking for a series of how-to videos to get you a little better at the games on the http://www.partypoker.fr site or you’re laughing away at someone’s vlog, entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes on the web. There’s no standard format, no limits on length, or content, and while that may make it a bit of a minefield in terms of content quality, it also means there’s a huge amount of choice and a lot of opportunity for those who want to get into web content production.

You’re also extremely lucky – ten years ago, things weren’t like this, and if you wanted to go into making great video content, it was television, film or nothing. Nowadays all you need is a good camera, some editing software, and a good idea in order to really push your career to the next level. Films are being funded through crowd-sourcing sites like Kickstarter, and legally downloadable films means that someone doesn’t have to hope for a cinematic or DVD release in order to enjoy what you’ve made.

So whether you’re a watcher, a maker, or both, this is definitely your time, and there’s a crazy amount of entertainment to enjoy as more and more people contribute to an incredible archive of media. It’s definitely got you set as to what to watch on the weekend!

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