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Harout Bedrossian


Harout began his musical career as a choir singer in his local church along with his father “Der Varant kahana Bedrossian”. He was hooked and dreamed of one day singing in his own Armenian band.

In 1995, Harout and his family moved to Canada and two years later he formed his first Armenian band. They started playing in Toronto and after many concerts and events in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, he established his own unique talent and style. He was ready to record his first CD, which was released 2005 and is called ‘Shepatsour Ints’ and in 2007 he realeased his second CD called “Hampouyret”  . He composed and wrote most of the songs on his  CD’s which they were great success. It revealed Harout’s talent and style to the Armenian community.

Harout recently  releasing his third CD titiled “AYO” in collaboration with the great musician and composer, Viken Makoushian and it was released by “Best Records” in Los Angeles, California.

Harout is a hard working, energetic man on and off the stage, who loves to sing and entertain the Armenian community. He has already written dozens of songs bringing a new dimension to Armenian music. He appreciates all the work his band and fellow musicians have put in to contribute to their success together.

Harout is a good friend and a very good family man. He has a beautiful wife and child. His life long dream is to have a concert in Armenia and hopes to be an inspiration for the younger generation to express themselves and find their own identity in music.There is more music to come, so keep coming back to check for updates on future concerts, events, and new CDs.

source: Harout Bedrossian’s Website

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