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Hayro Srabian on Barahantes.ComABOUT HAYRO SRABIAN

Hayro Srabian born in Aleppo, Syria in 1982 and attended “Zvartnots”  school and he continued his secondary school in  “Karen Jeppe Azkayin Djemaran”.  From an early age as 7 years old Hayro  developed passion for music and singing and he attended Piano lessons and pursued it for 6 years.  He began singing in 1996 and he almost visited all Armenian centres located in different cities of Syria and brought his participation as a singer to various Armenian events, festivals and parties. He visits Lebanon occasionally and he  has concerts there too . He pursued vocal training  for a period of 4 years  under the professional vocal master and supervision of Mrs. Hasmig Krikorian.  His first Album released in the year 2008 and followed another new Album in the  year 2010.  Besides singing Armenian  contemporary , folk and  Patriotic  songs, Hayro adopted various styles of singing of  foreign pops and  Arabic folks.

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