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Krikor Satamian is a graduate of the American University of Beirut (AUB). Attended the “London School of Film Technique” and the “Bristol Old Vic Theater School”. After one season of acting at the Belgrade Theater in Coventry City, England, he returned to Lebanon to take up the positions of Artistic Director of the renowned AGBU Vahram Papazian Theater Company, and Lecturer of Drama at AUB.

In 1972 he took the Papazian company on a successful tour of Armenia and in 1975 to France, England and Cyprus. Upon the invitation of the “Bristol Old Vic Theater School”, he went to teach at his former theater school before immigrating to the US in 1976 and joining the famous “Colonnades Theater Lab.” in New York City as one of its resident directors. Directing his first play for the Off-Broadway company, he was invited to the “Hope Summer Repertory Company” to direct on three consecutive occasions. A year later he joined the Armenian General Benevolent Union in New York City as its National Artistic Director and since then he has founded several AGBU theater companies in Boston, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. He was the Managing Director and host of the “Spotlight Armenians” TV program in New York City. In 1981 he appeared as Azmi Bey in the film “Assignment Berlin” and in 1988 in “Chickpeas” Off-Broadway he appeared with the Classic Theater in Shirvanzadeh’s “Evil Spirit”, in the demanding role of Kij-Taniel and in Nishan Parlakian’s “Grandma Pray For Me” in the lead role of Deacon. In 1988 he moved to the AGBU in Los Angeles and took over the Ardavazt Theater Company as its Artistic Director. Krikor Satamian has so far directed 75 plays, three operettas, and acted in 85 plays.

He also participates in professional American productions whenever time permits. In 1992 he acted in the successful AGBU professional production of “Three Acts of Love” in English. In 1995 he played a character role in the American film entitled “Subterfuge”. Directed by Herb Freed. On January 9, 1997, he appeared with Brooke Shields in the NBC weekly sitcom “Suddenly Susan” and on March 27, 1997, he appeared in the NBC weekly sitcom “The Naked Truth” starring Tea Leoni and George Wendt. On February 28, 1998, he played the role of a Russian mafia boss in the “Team Knight Rider” on UPN 13, and in October and November of 1998 he played the part of Nikos in Raffi Arzoomanian’s “The Moths” at the Hudson Backstage Theater in Hollywood. In November 1998 he played a major role in the film “Pedestrians”. followed by a cameo appearance on “Mad TV” on Fox 11. Recently he played a character role in the film “Enemies of Laughter” directed by Joey Travolta and supporting roles in two other American films “After Freedom” directed by Vahe Babayan and “Pomegranate” directed by Greg Kuzirian. He has also appeared in one episode of “24” and “Alias” TV series. Recently he played a cameo role in the film “Must Love Dogs” with Diane Lane. John Cusack, Christopher Plummer and directed by Gary David Goldberg.


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