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Nerses Adourian on Barahantes.ComABOUT NERSES ADOURIAN

Nerses Adourian ,born and raised in Aleppo Syria.

His singing talent was first discovered at a very early age in his “Zevartnots” elementary school.

With the help and encouragement of his family and friends he continued his singing dream in the Armenian communities and performed in several events, where he attained the hearts of Armenians.

The charming young star continued his dream of becoming a known Armenian singer. In 1998 he started organizing his band with talented musicians and named the band after an Armenian church in Armenia “GARNI”. After 8 months of hard work Nerses was obliged to go to the Syrian army.

When he returned in 2001, his band first performed for HYM (Hay Yerdasartats Mioutioun) in Aleppo.  The Garni band continued inspiring the Audience in different Languages, for their various occasions such as wedding, baptisms, engagements etc…

In 2007 the artist took the next step of his life by moving to Canada. With his wonderful voice he’s being invited to perform in Montreal and the surrounding cities.

Nerses thanks to all his fans and family for the continuous support, to keep his dream and talent alive.

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