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Nory Rahat Locum

Nory Rahat Locum - on Barahantes.Com


Rahat locum translates into “contentment of the throat.” For over forty years, NORY CANDY AND PASTRY’s mission has been to convert that description into sweet, chewy, nutty candies (locums) adorned in powdered sugar.

NORY’s selections include a diverse and tasty medley of subtle fruit and exotic flavors, available with or without fresh California grown nuts. The art of making locum has been perfected by NORY. Each and every batch is given the utmost care and attention, is made with locally grown, high quality ingredients and, is cooked, cut and packed by hand.

The versatility of this flavorful dessert, which originated in the royal courts of Asia Minor and the Middle East around the 15th century, satisfies a wide array of palates. Its traditional wholesomeness allows it to be enjoyed as an elegant after-dinner delicacy, a unique accompaniment to coffee and tea, a midday pick-me-up snack, and even a key ingredient in various popular desserts.

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