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LUCINA on Barahantes.Com

Lucina Manoukian

An artist with an uncompromising passion for music, LUCINA exploded onto the scene, igniting audiences worldwide within a matter of a few short years.

Arthur Meschian on Barahantes.Com

Arthur Meschian

Arthur Meschian is often referred to as one of the greatest Armenian musicians, artists and poets of our time.

Viza on Barahantes.Com


Viza has infiltrated the global music scene with an explosive sound of international rock. You can hear the blasts and screams from the depths of Eastern Europe to the deserts of the Middle East.

Armen Martirosian on Barahantes.Com

Armen Martirosian

The talented musician was born on 25th of February, in 1963, in Yerevan. He studied the first music lessons in his early childhood and the first teacher was his grandmother, who taught him the nuts and bolts of the notes.

Bei-Ru on Barahantes.Com


Born in Los Angeles to Armenian parents who immigrated to the U.S. fleeing the civil war in Lebanon, Bei was raised on a healthy dose of both Eastern & Western music, highly influencing his future musical endeavors.

Eva Rivas on Barahantes.Com

Eva Rivas

During the years of studying at school, Eva Rivas actively participated in the social life of the school for which she was rewarded with different awards.

Aramik (Aram) Moosakhanian on Barahantes.Com

Aramik ( Aram ) Moosakhanian

Beneath the religious dogma and political instability of Iran, lies a land rich with culture and heritage often overlooked by western media.

Maral's Pastry, Van Nuys, CA on Barahantes.Com

Maral’s Pastry, Van Nuys, CA

Our passion for excellence in baking and creating has lead to our success. We simply love what we do.

Ellenie Galestian on Barahantes.Com

Ellenie Galestian

Ellenie’s talents have been embraced by MTV, VH1, Power 106 Radio, SITV’s “The Drop” TV show, NFL, ESPN, NASCAR, Direct TV-NASDAQ, Six Flags, ABC’s morning show, “Good Morning America,” & NBC’s “Today Show.”

Carlo Venti on Barahantes.Com

Carlo Venti

Carlo Venti, Persian Armenian. At the age of 11 he started singing and playing the Harmonica. He also found that within his soul he would carry the passion for acting, and to travel a theatrical journey.

Hoy Lari on Barahantes.Com

Hoy Lari

Hoy Lari became a reality only after the cousins shared with one another their passion and love towards children and entertainment through the art of music and dance.

Sarine Balian on Barahantes.Com

Sarine Balian

Vocalist Sarine Balian performs enchanting music reflective of her textured cultural background and spirituality. Born of Armenian descent, she was raised in both Lebanon and the Unites States.

Arno Mkrtchyan on Barahantes.Com

Arno Mkrtchyan

Early on, Arno developed a love for singing as he was tremendously inspired by his father, Galust Mkrtchyan, who had attended the Yerevan School of Music and performed numerous times at Armenia’s famous Radio House.

Seda Garibyan on Barahantes.Com

Seda Garibyan

Seda is actively involved with events not only in her local Los Angeles, but all over the United States. She is available for all kinds of performances including live concerts, lounge events, private parties and weddings.

Mystery Beat Rehearsal and Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA on Barahantes.Com

Mystery Beat Rehearsal and Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Well designed large size rooms with great isolation and sound proof walls, equipped with PAs’, drums and Bass/Guitar Amps that will satisfy your needs!

Falafel Guy on Barahantes.Com


Falafel Guy is a traditional Mediterranean fast food or sit down restaurant in a modern setting, up beat, trendy place with flat tv’s and a very relaxing ambience.

Hratch Gaydzagian on Barahantes.Com

Hratch Gaydzagian

Hratch Gaydzagian started singing at an early age during school celebrations, family gatherings and scout camps with the encouragement of his parents and friends.

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