Sako Yakimou

Sako Yakimou (Sarkis Yanikian) on Barahantes.ComABOUT SAKO YAKIMOU (SARKIS YANIKIAN)

Sarkis Yanikian was born in Lebanon on June 7, 1990.  Music was his life.  He used to love it from he’s childhood.  He was so lucky to have the chance to meet music composor and producer Mr. Chris Babayef.

He performed in severel events where He attained the hearts of many Armenians.  He is Armenian but he sings Greek songs such as Bouzouki and Laika styles.

He’s artist nickname is Sakoyakimou, which means “My little sako”

Sako recorded an album on February 2010 named “Omorfi mou esi” (“My beauty”).

Sako thanks all his friends that helped him make & improve this album.

source: Sarkis Yanikian

C-Rouge – Serouj Baghdassarian

C-Rouge - Serouj Baghdassarian on Barahantes.ComABOUT SEROUJ BAGHDASSARIAN – C-ROUGE

Born to an artistic family of composers and performers, Serouj Baghdassarian a.k.a. C-Rouge developed a passion for music at an early age. He became a DJ in his early teens, quickly moving on to music production.

Experimenting with some remixes at first, C-Rouge soon released his own debut single titled Groong which snatched the #1 spot on and Influenced by his father—Seto Baghdassarian and his Armenian background, C-Rouge decided to reflect his heritage in his debut album by carefully blending modern Trance sounds with traditional Armenian melodies thus giving birth to genoTrancide. The album received great critical acclaim and established C-Rouge as an up and coming producer. genoTrancide, was later signed by Vibe Lebanon Records and was promoted on all major online digital stores. A follow-up production called Redemption was also signed by the same label company

In 2007 genoTrancide was finally released by GEKA Records in the United States and on major online music stores such as iTunes, Napster, MusicIsHere, and iLike. The album received critical acclaim from,,, and various radio and print media. In the same year genoTrancide was launched at Virgin Megastores Lebanon. The album became No. 1 in Virgin’s Best Sellers for weeks on end while C-Rouge was featured as Artist of the Week. In late 2007, genoTrancide was nominated for the best Trance and House Album in the US-held Armenian Music Awards.

C-Rouge began 2008 with a series of gigs at clubs across Lebanon proving that he is both a class-A DJ as well as a producer. C-rouge often surprises many people by his ability to entertain a “non-trance crowd” something very few trance DJs/producers have managed to accomplish.

By September 2008, fans were anxious for something new from C-rouge. The wait was over when C-Rouge reworked a traditional Armenian song Dle Yaman—which featured vocals by his mother, Shaké Baghdassarian. The launch of Dle Yaman was accompanied by four other remixes by Raneem, Amir Atme, Lon Rewell, Front on Proxoz Recordings. The track was supported by European and US DJs such as Ernesto vs Bastian, M.I.K.E., Danjo and others. In April 2009, Dle Yaman was released as a video clip directed by Suzie Selman and became an instant hit on YouTube. The song is currently a top downloaded cell phone ringtone in Lebanon.

Soon after in October 2008, the album Eternity was released by GEKA Records USA and it quickly became a Best Selling album at Virgin Megastores Lebanon for a second time in less than two years. The album was supported by NRJ radio in Lebanon.

Unlike previous albums Eternity featured vocals and included a wider shade and diversity of sound targeting a wider audience. Eternity received praises from top producers in the field such as Leon Bolier, Joop, Lee Hasslam, John Aquaviva, Christopher Lawrence, John OO Fleming, and many others.

C-rouge continues to produce and play music at clubs in the Middle East where he is one of the top sought after DJs.

source: C-Rouge Website

Narine Madaryan

Narine Madaryan on Barahantes.ComABOUT NARINE MADARYAN

Narine Madaryan is an artist. Beauty, love and inspiration are the most important things in what she considers art. Finding beauty in people, places, and things is a God given gift, and she has been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people who are extremely gifted.

Born in Armenia and raised in California, Narine draws inspiration from family, friends and nature. The love she has for her family and friends is what makes her the passionate person she is. Having been born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world is where she gets her desire to find beauty in all that surrounds her.

Being photographed is more than modeling to her. She believes that every image should convey an emotion. The art of inspiring or affecting a human being to feel something is amazing to her. She finds great joy and pleasure in moving people. Choosing the right people to work with, and creating what she believes to be effective art, is what she considers the true joy and purpose of her work.

She started modeling as a fun hobby in 2007. She later realized that the soul could connect with people through a moment captured on an image.  With hopes of working with great designers and photographers, she continues to work with a select number of artists in creating art.

Born: 30 March 1983
Birthplace: Vanadzor, Armenia
Best known as: Nanno Vanadzori

source: Narine Madaryan
photo: AWS Photo

Napa Valley Limoncello

Napa Valley Limoncello on Barahantes.Com


Napa Valley Limoncello - Platinum Award Winner - on Barahantes.Com2009-2010 PLATINUM AWARD

From the heart of Napa Valley comes the world’s first and only Limoncello meticulously handcrafted using organic Meyer Lemons.

Hayro Srabian

Hayro Srabian on Barahantes.ComABOUT HAYRO SRABIAN

Hayro Srabian born in Aleppo, Syria in 1982 and attended “Zvartnots”  school and he continued his secondary school in  “Karen Jeppe Azkayin Djemaran”.  From an early age as 7 years old Hayro  developed passion for music and singing and he attended Piano lessons and pursued it for 6 years.  He began singing in 1996 and he almost visited all Armenian centres located in different cities of Syria and brought his participation as a singer to various Armenian events, festivals and parties. He visits Lebanon occasionally and he  has concerts there too . He pursued vocal training  for a period of 4 years  under the professional vocal master and supervision of Mrs. Hasmig Krikorian.  His first Album released in the year 2008 and followed another new Album in the  year 2010.  Besides singing Armenian  contemporary , folk and  Patriotic  songs, Hayro adopted various styles of singing of  foreign pops and  Arabic folks.


MonoGiggle.Com on Barahantes.Com


At monoGiggle, our goal is to help you find that one wonderful wedding avor to share with your guests. Our new feature; Answers by monoGiggle:

Event Planning & Etiquette Guide is the perfect place to stop by and post/answer yearning questions about your upcoming wedding or any event in general.

Sourig Makdessian

Sourig Makdessian on Barahantes.Com


My name is Sourig Makdessian . I was born in Aleppo 1970

Music is my life. I loved it from my childhood. I was so lucky to have the chance to meet the compositor Mr. Berj Kassis who became a big brother, and a teacher for me. in 1986, after 2 years of hard work and practices with him I started to sing. In 1988 I had chances to sing in lots of restaurants and hotels. In 1996 I had my own concert with Mr. Berj Kassis as arranger and conductor. I sang Armenian folkloric songs, beside my own songs. From that time on now I continued singing in many occasions, wedding parties, and concerts, some of them with big bands .The last concert in which I participated, was in Beirut, organized by the Armenian Family.

My people are the Armenians .I will always sing for them beautiful new songs.

With my best wishes

Rena Daghdevirenian / Derkhorenian

Rena Daghdevirenian / Derkhorenian on Barahantes.ComABOUT RENA DAGHDEVIRENIAN / DERKHORENIAN

Rena Daghdevirenian / Derkhorenian has inherited her talent and her passion for singing from her father. Armenian/Syrian by birth, but she has lived and studied in Australia. Now, married and settled in Syria, she is a proud parent of two angels; “Gagach” & Ayk”.

Her passion for music started at a very young age. Although she can’t remember her first steps on stage, however her first live singing experience was at the age of 8 when she first performed with “The Aleppo Artist’s Syndicate Big Band”. Where the audience fell in love with her and she fell in love with them.

And so a love story was born.

Since then she has shared her passion with her fans on stage and has gone beyond by producing her first album called “Pshrankner” – meaning “remnants”.

Her skills as singer/songwriter/composer are evident in this album, where she has co-composed 2 songs and written the lyrics of all the songs in her album. The Armenian contemporary compositions/arrangements in the album are blended with her pop/contemporary jazz approach to create a unique harmony. This “harmony” is the essence of Rena’s style.

Her album “pshrankner” has been sold in the Middle East, USA, Australia and now in Europe. In 2008 she recorded with the world famous composer Daniel Masson – “Buddha Bar” – and she is featured in his latest release “travel impressions” and “trempolino”. Nowadays she is thrilled and honored to sing with some of the best musicians that her part of the world has heard.

Rena believes in the magical influence of music in people’s lives. And she will continue to spread that magic.

As a musician I have a mission and that is to make this world a better place. I think I have found the perfect way…

I thank God for my talent and imagination, without them there would be no revolution.



All tracks in the cd are composed, arranged and performed by Vicken Makoushian. Except “Garod” & “Hush” co-composed by Rena & Vicken.

  • Duets “Ashun” & “Hanelug” sung with Vrej Sahagian + back vocals in “Garod” & “Garoghes trchel (remix)” by Vrej also.
  • Back vocals in “Mut verkeri batmutyunner” by Vicken Makoushian”
  • All lyrics writen by Rena.
  • Pshrankner is produced by Rena (2006).

Missak Baghboudarian

Massis Baghboudarian on Barahantes.Com


Born in Damascus where he began studying music at the State Music School, earning a diploma in piano in 1987 and in 1995, he obtained the degree in piano and conducting from the High Institute of Music.

He made his debut as conductor in 1994 with the SNSO in Damascus.

In 2002, he obtained the Diploma in the International Conducting Courses (Italy) with Julius Kalmar. He took part in some master-classes with H. Handt, D. Pascu, M. Beck, Carl St. Clair, Jorma Panula and Riccardo Muti (Malta 2007).

He also studied experimental composition with Maestro Mauro Cardi at the Conservatory in Florence.

He has taken part in discography productions of compositions of rare executions, such as the Opera Gli Zingari by R. Leoncavallo (Kicco Classic records 1999) and the Domenico Cimarosa’s Requiem (Kicco Classic 2000).

In February 2001, he became the resident conductor of Amadeus Orchestra of Florence until 2003 when he became the lead Conductor of the SNSO, with whom he had conducted several concerts in Syria and abroad (Lebanon – Jordan – Oman – U. A. E. – Bahrain – Turkey and Italy).

He worked with international soloists like Armen Babakhanian, Galina Vartcheva, Daniele Giorgi, Gloria Scalchi, Riccardo Sandiford.

On 2004 he had the honor to conduct the SNSO in the opening concert of the Damascus Opera House in the presence of H.E. the President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

In 2006 he participated with The Orchestra of the High Institute of Music in Young-Euro-Classic festival at the concert house of Konzerthous Berlin.

source: Missak Baghboudarian’s Facebook Page

Vrej Sahagian

Vrej Sahagian on Barahantes.ComABOUT VREJ SAHAGIAN

Vrej Sahagian was born in 1979 with a love for music.

Vrej Started his musical career at a very young age where he adopted various styles of singing including foreign pop, Armenian contemporary & folk and even tarab.  He performed in some of the most prestigious restaurants, night clubs & piano bars in Syria.

Although singing hasn’t been his only talent ( he has graduated from the Hamazkayin Art Academy “Arshil Gorki”) however he has devoted his time to pursue his passion for music.

Vrej has had the privilege to work with some of the best musicians which this part of the world has had to offer.  He has toured & performed in many European & other countries.

He has produced 3 albums; two Armenian & an Arabic album and enjoys singing in many languages.  He has performed with many bands in Syria including “The Hamazkayin Big Band”, and in many other concerts & festivals organized by foreign embassies & the Armenian community within Syria & overseas.


Arabic album (Arabic dance party)
– All tracks arranged & performed by Hovig Adourian on keyboards & on bass guitar Varant Proudian
– Mixed by Elias Malki
– Recorded at “Studio Acoustic”
– Produced by Vrej Sahagian (2008)

Armenian album (Vrej Sahagian)
– All tracks are arranged & performed by Vicken Makoushian
– Produced by Vrej Sahagian (2007)

Armenian album (Ach Tsakh)
– All tracks are arranged, mixed & performed on keyboards by Garo Kekligian
– Nanor Mikayelian on flute
– George Hatsakordzian on bass guitar featured in track 7
– All lyrics by Sarkis Kel Khacherian
– Except lyrics in track 1 by Joseph Krikorian
– Lyrics in 4 & 7 by Vrej Sahagian
– Produced by Vrej Sahagian (2009)

Talent is my gift from God and my mission is to spread the wonder & magic it creates through music & my singing. (Vrej Sahagian)

Nerses Adourian

Nerses Adourian on Barahantes.ComABOUT NERSES ADOURIAN

Nerses Adourian ,born and raised in Aleppo Syria.

His singing talent was first discovered at a very early age in his “Zevartnots” elementary school.

With the help and encouragement of his family and friends he continued his singing dream in the Armenian communities and performed in several events, where he attained the hearts of Armenians.

The charming young star continued his dream of becoming a known Armenian singer. In 1998 he started organizing his band with talented musicians and named the band after an Armenian church in Armenia “GARNI”. After 8 months of hard work Nerses was obliged to go to the Syrian army.

When he returned in 2001, his band first performed for HYM (Hay Yerdasartats Mioutioun) in Aleppo.  The Garni band continued inspiring the Audience in different Languages, for their various occasions such as wedding, baptisms, engagements etc…

In 2007 the artist took the next step of his life by moving to Canada. With his wonderful voice he’s being invited to perform in Montreal and the surrounding cities.

Nerses thanks to all his fans and family for the continuous support, to keep his dream and talent alive.

Georgig Chirishian

Georgig Chirishian on Barahantes.ComABOUT GEORGIG CHIRISHIAN

Singer Georgig Chirishian was born on july 14 1983 in Aleppo, Syria.

Starting from a very young age he began singing, his first step was joining the KAROUN choir, 1996 with the help of Maestro Compositor Boghos Abadjian he became better and better in the singing field.

Few months later he formed his first band named Artsakank (Ecko) with the help of Nareg Abadjian son of Boghos Abadjian.

Meanwhile he was continuing his education.

From 1996 to 1999 he had the chance to travel around with the big band named khaghaghutyun (peace) which was his second band, this big band had 17 huge artists and they all together reached to their goals and tried their best to reach to a certain level in the musical feild.

The year 2000 Georgig Chirishian signed his first official contract and started business with quality restaurants.

His first single song (Loor Ser) was recorded at the Studio Blue with Raffi Kantarjians Arrangement in the year 2006 which was moved to the ARMENIAN TAPESTERY CD and was also moved to the KANTSASAR newspaper.

In the year 2004 Georgig Chirishian formed a band named RAMAYA with alot of hard work they reached to their goals in the musical feild and they all worked together hand in hand stayed together as a one band until nowadays.

The year 2009 Georgig Chirishian worked hard and published a new CD ALBUM named HAYASDAN with the Arrangement of Hovig Adourian in the ACOUSTIC Studio that he is now the keyboardist of the Ramaya band.

The year 2010 Georgig Chirishian recorded his second Single Song named TSOUYN which was moved again in the ARMENIAN TAPESTERY CD, This hard work was put together in the Studio 55 with the arrangement of Ramaya band and recording mix down Yeghia Daghlian that he is now also Ramaya bands Drummer.

With the Support of everyone we will move forward each and every year and lets all support our Armenian singers and the Armenian music.

I would love to thank my fans and all my supporters.

I would also love to Thank for giving me this great opportunity.

Thanks to all my Armenian fans

source: Georgig Chirishian

Kev Orkian

Kev Orkian on Barahantes.ComABOUT KEV ORKIAN

Kev Orkian is one of the UK’s most talented, up-and-coming comedians. A highly skilled pianist, singer and actor, he has been dubbed one of the world’s finest comedy pianists and compared to the likes of Dudley Moore, Victor Borge and Les Dawson.

Born in 1974 to Turkish Armenian parents, Kev Orkian comes from a long line of entertainers; His great grandparents were scriptwriters and introduced the first theatre show to Turkey in the early 1900’s, whilst his grandparents all played numerous musical instruments and one of them was also an amateur comedian.

Kev started playing the piano at four years old. Music came naturally to the young Kev — by the time he was 12 he had already composed his first pieces and by 15 had passed all eight piano grades — gaining a Performers Diploma in Music along the way.

At 15, after competing in many competitions and concerts, Kev decided to complete his training and move on to performing arts at Brunel University — earning himself a National Diploma in Performing Arts and Music in 1994.

From 1988 – 1992 Kev toured the UK with the Russian Armenian Dance Troupe as a way of connecting to his heritage. From the age of 23 he became very involved with the piano and it was soon an ‘instrumental’ part of Kev’s life. As a consummate concert pianist he toured with a variety of orchestras and appeared at many prestigious venues including the Sydney Opera House, performing classical repertoires.

However, the piano alone wasn’t enough, so with both comedy and the theatre calling him, Kev was soon back on the stage. He made his West End debut in 1996 starring in Fame at the Victoria Palace Theatre. This foray into London’s theatre scene led to many other roles including Me & My Girl (1996-1997), the Grease concert tour (1998), Buddy Holly concert tour (1998), Happy Days (1998 – 2000) and Boogie Nights (2001-2004).

Not wanting to tender his relationship with the piano, Kev Orkian spent his spare time writing and developing comedy routines that incorporated music but was never fully aware he could turn this into a full act until 2004. Kev decided not to perform in musicals for a few years so he could concentrate on building his stand up career, which ultimately led to combining the piano and comedy together. Kev Orkian’s heroes include Victor Borge and Dudley Moore (he has been compared to both), so he felt their styles of comedy needed to be brought back… and he was the man to do it.

By chance, Kev happened to be performing in Blackpool when a well-known act pulled out of the renowned Comedy Bonanza Show — in stepped Kev to try out his new material and the stand-up comedy act was born!

Since then Kev Orkian’s career as a stand-up comedian has gone from strength to strength. He has toured as the support act to some of Britain’s premier entertainers including Jim Davidson, Julian Clarey, Cannon & Ball and Joe Pasquale to name just a few. He has been involved with numerous variety shows including gala events for the Duke of Kent, Prince of Oman, Baroness Margaret Thatcher and Dame Vera Lynn.

Between 2004 and 2009 Kev made a name for himself in the cruise ship industry and toured the world with his Stow Away act visiting all continents, drawing rave reviews with numerous leading cruise operators along the way. From the Caribbean and North America to Europe and the Middle East, he packed in as many as 30 cruises some years.

In 2005 Kev released his first piano album Little Fingers, which claimed the top 10 spot in the AMA Instrumental category that same year. Kev has also performed many of the tracks from his album in numerous concerts and galas. In 2008 he hosted LA’s own Armenian Music Awards to a sell-out audience at the famous Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Kev now spends a large proportion of the year touring with his one-man show, which features an energetic mix of hilarious stand-up comedy and spectacular recitals on the piano, many of which have been composed by Kev himself. Cities recently visited include Sydney, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dubai, Oman, Montreal and Toronto.

2009 saw Kev Orkian’s leap onto the UK comedy circuit with performances at London’s Comedy Store and the Jongleurs chain of comedy clubs at which he regularly receives encores, standing ovations and rave reviews for the originality of his act.

In August 2010 Kev Orkian takes his ‘Illegal Tour’ to the Edinburgh Fringe, appearing at the Underbelly, in his what will be his debut appearance at the festival.

Charitable Work

As an avid charity worker Kev has raised thousands of pounds for various charities, including the Willow Charity for Bob Wilson, Safe Hands for David Seaman, NSPCC, Armenian Orphans and the Bobby Moore Fund.

Through his friendship with comedian Jim Davidson he has performed regularly for the BFF (British Forces Foundation), touring Army and Navy bases around the world, entertaining the British and American Forces.

He is also a co-founder of the ITFO (International Trust Fund for Orphans), a charity that raises money for orphaned children around the world.

source: Kev Orkian’s Website

Guy Manoukian

Guy Manoukian on Barahantes.ComABOUT GUY MANOUKIAN

Musician, composer, painter and basketball player.

He’s a rising star in the East that intends to shine all over the world : Guy Manoukian.

Guy Manoukian started to play piano at the age of four, when he started studying classical music. He first appeared on T.V at the age of 6; he played for president Amin El Gmayel at the age of 7 at the presidential Palace.

He started composing at the age of 8, when he won his first competition.

He stated preforming professional concerts in 1997, where he played at the Jeita grotto followed by to sold out concerts at the UNESCO palace.


Armenchik on Barahantes.ComABOUT ARMENCHIK

Armen Gondrachyan was born on August 8th, 1980 in Yerevan, Armenia. He was the second child in his family. Armen’s singing journey had officially started at the age of seven. With one singer already in his family which was his father Harpet Gondrachyan Armen had a clear path and began to follow in his fathers footsteps. All Armen really wanted was to sing and to become a singer. Armen always wanted to go to work with his father so he could sing and be heard while showing his talent to anyone who would listen. After hearing Armen’s voice at these places everyone eventually started to recognize him and he was given the nickname “Armenchik” which still remains with him to this day!

In 1989 Armen and his family moved to the United States. A couple of years later Harpet went on to record an album. Armen had a vocal part in his album and after the CD was distributed everyone knew that this kid (Armenchik) was for real, and that he in fact has the talent which people started to really recognize.

A year went by and Armen was searching for a group to work with so he could have his own band for his first album. In 1995 at the age of 15 Armen got what he wanted. With the help of his father Armen went on to record his first album titled “Armen & Nor Seround” which turned out to be very successful. Once his first album was released pieces of the puzzle seemed to be coming together and it was clear on what needed to be done. In 1998 Armen went to his hometown “Armenia” and lived there for a year.While he was there he recorded an album called “Armen, memories from Armenia”. After the album had been released Armen instantly became a star! With his soft voice and his beautiful music he made his way into the listeners heart. The Armenian community was shocked, as to the talent of this child.

Armen went on to record many more successful albums. He has performed all over the United States and hopes to perform for the Armenian people all over the world. Armen is a very hard working person, he has devoted his life to singing and to his music. He has written hundreds of songs and is internationally known. Armen is not only a wonderful friend but also a very dedicated family man. He loves his family unconditionaly and never forgets to thank his parents for the love and support. Armen is very dedicated to the Armenian community and he is a very proud Armenian. His love for his country and for his people is un-measurable.

In October of 2003 Armen had his first concert in Glendale, Ca. at the Alex theatre which was a sellout! The crowds were packed and were waiting for Armen to perform. That same year Armen had received an award for the best selling album of the year titled “Anunt Inche”. While performing from concert to concert Armen’s appetite for success grew. After many sleepless nights and alot of hard work throughout the year Armen had yet another concert in April of 2004 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, Ca., this time receiving an award for the best music video of the year from his album and also the award winning video titled “Gone-Gone”, which was directed by Levon Kosoyan of Cinemaven Productions..

Although Armen is now 30 years of age people still tend to call him “Armenchik”. I think it’s one of those nicknames that stick with you forever. He is a very kind hearted individual with alot of respect and a one of a kind personality. One thing I personally love about him is his humor, always ready to put a smile on everyone’s face and brighten up their day.

Armen has also made plans to return to his hometown “Armenia” for a concert but that will be in the near future along with a world tour which he is also planning. He hopes that he can inspire the younger generation to do positive things, not only for themselves but their families as well. With everything in mind one thing is certain, everyone should always have their eyes on “Armenchik” becauese you never know what he will come up with next.

source: Armenchik’s Official Website

Jean Kozian

Jean Kozian on Barahantes.ComABOUT JEAN KOZIAN

Jean Kozian was born on February 20, 1985

From an early age Jean developed a passion for music and singing. At Just eleven years old, he began attending piano lessons at Hamazkayin and persued it for seven years. He was a member of his school choir “Haratch” and contributed to the earning of several honors for the choir.

At the age of 16, Jean got his first opportunity to get on stage and show his talent alongside famous Armenian singer Garo Gaboudagian.

At the age of 19, Jean began focusing on voice training sessions, and in 2005 he prepared his first compilation with his 1st live album.

After popular demand, in 2006 he was invited to Marseille-France to sing at a New Years Eve party.

2009 marks the date of Jean’s début album called “iprev housh verchin”, which was produced and released by Disco Young. Several songs from this album were hits, specially “srdit panalin”.

In August 2009, Jean continued to amaze the public by organizing a successful dinner party “barahantes” in Ararat Palace restaurant. He further participated in the “Armenian Family Barahantes” alongside other singers from Aleppo.

Jean Kozian’s Future plans include a new album for 2010 which will contain some surprises to his fans. You can keep track of Jean’s future activities through this site or his fan club on facebook.

Alpha Graphic Arts

Alpha Graphic Arts on Barahantes.Com

We know how important it is to find the perfect graphic designer! Since 2007, Alpha Graphic Arts has part taken in hundreds of designs for a wide variety of people. Our talented graphic designers will cater to your group, providing them a warm & exciting design. As an industry leader in graphic design service, we specialize in logos, postcards, flyers, posters, brochures, cd & dvd covers, web design, web banners, flash animations, business cards, letter heads, envelopes, post-it notes and beyond. With the latest design software, our graphic designers will ensure optimum satisfaction at your request. Simply provide our staff with a list of your desired topics & leave the rest to us.

source: Alpha Graphic Arts

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