Tatevik Ekezian

Tatevik Ekezian on Barahantes.ComABOUT TATEVIK EKEZIAN

Tatevik is program director and dj for HyeOozh Radio 90.7 FM fresno, CA.  She is also the tv host of MClub top 10 music videos on Horizon, as well as having hosted the ArmeniaFund Telethon for the past 5 years.

Tatevik has founded YerkFM, a radio on iPhone, and her web radio is currently in development.

source: Tatevik Ekezian

DJ Raffy Khorozian

DJ Raffy Khorozian on Barahantes.ComABOUT DJ RAFFY KHOROZIAN

DJ Raffy was born in Ghana, West Africa in the early 70’s but soon left to live in what became most of his life in SF. He immediately became exposed to many genres of  music that up to this day, affect so much of his work. Being born into an Lebanese Armenian  family, Armenian & Middle Eastern music was naturally embedded in his blood and eventually launched his career in the music industry. DJ Raffy’s distinctive musical style eventually crossed over into hip hop, top 40, mash ups, house, 80’S and beyond.

Being in SF, DJ Raffy uncovered all the music and nightlife experiences that he needed to fulfill what became his dream: To bring an amazingly new, unique, and unforgettable party experience to entertainment lovers. With his driven passion set out in front of him, hard work, and significant collaborations with the Bay Area’s top DJs’ and promoters, he is now recognized as one of the top International DJs’ of nightlife. Dj Raffy prides himself on elevating San Francisco’s night scene and bringing a truly unique blend of international beats mixed with today’s top hits.

source: Serj Khorozian

Garbis Terzian

Garbis Terzian on Barahantes.ComABOUT GARBIS TERZIAN

Garbis Terzian was born in Aleppo.  Since childhood he’s performed in a number of plays as an actor and a comedian.

Garbis aka Hoja was named after his great grand father who lived in Armenian Cilicia. Hoja was the teacher of his village and besides teaching a whole generation he humored them with old armenian anecdotes.

Garbis bases his comedy routine on over a hundred year old Hojaian humor with a twist of modern armenian comedic experiences.

Most of Garbis’s performances were dedicated to not-for-profit Armenian organizations.

Currently Garbis resides in Boca Raton, Florida where he regularly performs as a stand up comedian.  Mr Terzian’s upcoming tour starts in New Jersey with two performances.

A number of Garbis’s clips are available on youtube.

source: Garbis Terzian

DJ Shanti

DJ Shanti on Barahantes.Com


Shant Ohannessian, was born and raised upon the scales of music, within the majestic melodies of Jerusalem.

By far, the most popular English DJ, playing music from the latest US as well as UK & Euro charts, in addition to a plethora of International music mixed only as smoothly as one with Shant ‘s musical prowess could. Shant creates smooth compositions including Armenian, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindu and Indian melodies, to name but a few. And this is only his Musical ingenuity.

Shant’s popularity in Jerusalem was second to none, receiving personal requests for his services from dignitaries in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem, to headline Special Events from Jordan to Israel.

His irresistible charm and unrelenting positive energies could not be contained. Shant traveled and studied in the U.S., where he continued to successfully offer his DJ’ing services, only to return to Jerusalem where he was immediately hired to work at a radio station called “The Voice of Love and Peace”. This radio station was available internationally and tuned in to by music lovers through out the Middle East and Europe.

Always a vast supporter of community, Shant never allowed his “star status” to keep him from promoting and playing for members of his local community. A true humanitarian, Shant made his services available for local parties, weddings, and special events through out a region otherwise war torn to the beauty and love, made so clearly evident through the Universality of Music. Today, Shant has once again, found melodic warmth, notoriety, & demand in the embrace of individuals hearts, minds and feet, ½ way around the world, on the shores of Canada, in Toronto, Ontario.

source: DJ Shanti’s Website

DJ Garo Zoulamian

DJ Garo Zoulamian on Barahantes.ComABOUT DJ GARO ZOULAMIAN

Dj Garo Zoulamian born in Beirut Lebanon , in April 17 1972. Living in Montreal Canada since 1990. It all started for the love of the music and his passion to the multicultural music, not to forget his curiosity for sound systems. DJ Garo started officially DJ-ing in 1998, since then he accumulated a lot of experience in performing at different events with different nationalities. In the beginning, it all started as a hobby, but the days have changed and he’s going towards perfection and continuous progress. He believes a DJ should be spontaneous, and very comprehensive with the crowd in any event, that’s the only reason, the repertoires he chooses are on spot decisions. Since his 2000 Dj Garo is offering sound and light system rentals and installations for local bands and mostly to Armenian artists performing in the Montreal area. Come and experience with DJ Garo your joyful events, which are guaranteed to be a success.

source: DJ Garo Zoualmian

Pierre Chammassian

Pierre Chammassian (Shammassian) on Barahantes.ComABOUT PIERRE CHAMMASSIAN (SHAMMASSIAN)

Pierre Chammassian (or Shammassian) (b. Beirut, Lebanon on the 9th of March, 1949) is famous in Lebanon for Arabs and Armenians alike, and also popular in the Armenian Diaspora. He regularly tours all over the world wherever Armenian and Lebanese communities exist.

He went on stage since he was 6 years old. Between the years 1962-1965 he started writing, directing and acting his first plays.

His first Armenian play was in 1971. It was a 2-man show “Paul and Pierre”. Between 1973-1985 joined Sami Khayyat and his group performing in Arabic, and he continued performing Armenian plays in parallel. In 1985 he joined Antoine Kerbaj in “Amrak Sidna”. In 1986 Michel Chikhani, André Jadaa and Pierre revived the Le Théâtre de Dix-Heures group. In 1996 André Jadaa and pierre left Le Théâtre de Dix-Heures to form the Les Diseurs group. From 1986 and on, they performed 20 plays.

In 1987 Pierre was in a comedy series “Al Bernayta” on the Lebanese television station TL. On the same TV station he also had an Arabic “Wheel of Fortune” in 1990, and a political comedy series “Nashra Mesh Men Hon” in 1991.

When it comes to Armenian palys, he had some works done since 1966. Here is a list of some of the best known:

  • 1978 – “Bourj Hammoud 78”
  • 1979 – “Gadage Meg Tiz”
  • 1983 – “Amen Pan Chesvir”
  • 1983 – “1 Harsentsou, 3 Tegnadzou”
  • 1986 – “Bourj Hammoud 78 + 8”
  • 1987 – “Hagop Baronian Bourj Hammoudi Mech”
  • 1988 – “Amourinerou Mioutian Joghov”
  • 1995 – “Harses Pernetsi”
  • 2000 – “Shad Mi Kharner”
  • 2005 – “Batal Dan Pesa”
  • 2005 – Stand-up comedy “Ha Ha Ha Night”
  • 2006 – Stand-up comedy “Achen Tsakhen”
  • 2006 – “Portsank Batal”
  • 2007 – Stand-up comedy “Lezoun Vosgor Chouni”

Since 2000 all his plays are written and directed by him.

In 1976 Pierre marries Ardemis Beudjekian and they have a son, Jerome and a daughter, Eliza.

Pierre doesn’t consider himself an actor. He’s an intertainer. He says he was born an intertainer. He hates sad faces and tries to be a smile distributor!

Pierre likes everything that has to do with comedy. The difference in performing stand-up comedies is that there’s more interactivity with the audience.

If you compare Pierre Shammassian with other stand-up comedy performers, you see that he also tries his best to look and sound like the characters inside the jokes. There’s no secret. It’s all about talent. He thinks the shortest jokes are the best ones.

Since 2000, André Jadaa and Pierre own the Olympia theatre and restaurant. It’s a 360 people capacity all seated.

source: Pierre Chammassian’s Website

Kevork Sioufi

Kevork Sioufi on Barahantes.ComABOUT KEVORK SIOUFI

Kevork Sioufi, born in Aleppo in 1980, who has been residing in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates since 2001, is a newcommer to the Armenian music scene.

Singing was not something that Sioufi fancied at early age, but when he was 20 years old, he could not disregard the gradually growing interest. Now he makes a living by working in the car mechanic business, but he finds ways to cater to his strong inclination towards the Armenian music.

Sioufi has forged good relations with Armenians in the music business, like US based composer Vicken Makoushian, who was one of the first to encourage him and provide professional advice. Hovig Adourian (Araz Band keyboardist and studio owner) and Georgig Chirishian (Ramaya Band singer), both based in Aleppo, Syria, have been great believers in his talent.

November 2009 witnessed Kevork Sioufi’s first step into the world of music recording, when he released his first audio album called “Shpatsur Ints” (Spoil Me).

The CD is made of 8 songs (Shpatsour ints, Halvoum em, Choutag, Sourp Sarkis, Naz ouni, Ari meg nazov, Achkes jampout – Siroun vart es, Ankin yeghpayr). The songs were recorded in “Studio Acoustic” in Aleppo under the supervision of Hovig Adourian. Track and lyrics were taken care by Harout Bedrossian. The cover photo and design was made by Varant Proudian (see back-side cover below).

Kevork Sioufi has special attachment to the well-known singer Maxim Panossian. Several of the songs in his debut album were originally played by Maxim. Kevork attempts to revive Maxim’s songs with his personal style. For this purpose, he is planning to dedicate his second album (expected to be released next year) completely to Maxim’s songs, while his third album will carry more of his own lyrics and arrangements. He realizes that he has a long path to go on, but he believes that his devotion to the Armenian music will open the way in front of him.

Kevork Sioufi has been careful in training himself and in developing his own musical potential. He is proud of his private musical archives, which has been an inspiring resource for his musical progress.

He is completely satisfied with the results of his first CD released few weeks ago. Friends and listeners are expressing their positive feelings about this work, through Facebook and other means. He feels lucky that the work, being his first, is void of any technical or other faults. For this, he is thankful to the careful work done by Hovig Adourian.

Raffy Zakarian

Raffy Zakarian on Barahantes.ComABOUT RAFFY ZAKARIAN

Raffy Zakarian born in 24/11/1967, has attended Mesrobian College. He has been inspired, and has loved music from a young age. He first held the guitar, and began learning at the age of 12.

He made his first appearance on stage at the age of 18, performing European style music. From that day on, he organized an Armenian band under his name. He has played for many famous Armenian singers.

He composed two hit songs in 1995, “Vokhchoun Kez Hayasdan” and “Hrashapar Dsnounte”, and with ten respected, and talented Armenian singers, singing the song.

From the year 2008, he made 3 vol of CDs.

The first Vol, consists of classic European songs.

The second Vol, consists of Armenian songs.

Finally the third Vol, consists of his composed Armenian songs, in which most of the music and lyrics is done by him.

He now hopes to compose more English songs, with his own lyrics and music

source: Raffy Zakarian


Avedis on Barahantes.ComABOUT AVEDIS

Have you heard the avedis?
Young new artist AVEDIS (AVE- DEES) whose name means “good news” in Armenian, has finally broke out of his creative cocoon and is ready to get heard. This Canadian-Armenian moved to Toronto from Lebanon with his family in hopes of escaping the dangers of Civil War to come to a country of peace and opportunity. At an early age of 4, Avedis’ talents started to get noticed by family and friends when the fireplace mantle often became a stage for the young toddler. It was no surprise that by the age of 8, he performed at a cultural event at a local community centre in front of 1000 people and created a huge buzz within the Toronto- Armenian community.

As he continued to perform at more cultural events and talent shows as a kid, Avedis started to really develop his talents. At the age of 17, he had his major TV debut on Canadian Idol Season 3 as a Top 100 Competitor, where he got a taste of what the industry would have in store. Soon after, his love for pop/dance music helped him achieve his first nationwide release. With the help of Juno nominated Dance artist ELISSA, “Su Di Noi” his first record, was featured on the TONY MONACO EUROHITS 2006 Compilation CD and sold all over Canada. Soon after, his second track, “Let Me Be The One” was featured on the Bangin Beats Vol. 3 Compilation and sold all over the USA. After performing at numerous Toronto club shows, including opening up for International Dance Phenomenon CASCADA, and still being only 18, Avedis really wanted to take the time to develop himself. After seeking out Toronto’s best in the industry he took the time to learn, grow and really feel comfortable with what he was producing.

Just a few short years later Avedis is ready to make some noise again with his new Electro/Glam/Pop sound. His goal is to make you feel good and make your body move, cause that’s what good music should do to everyone! Spread the love, word and music! Spread the avedis!

source: Avedis Facebook Group

Torino Specialty Sandwiches

Torinto Specialty Sandwiches, Pasadena, CA on Barahantes.Com


First established in 1992, Torino Specialty Sandwiches has become a staple in the Pasadena, California area as a premier Specialty Sandwich eatery.

From Torino’s famous Garlic Chicken, to the delicious, finger-licking soudjoukh sandwiches, coupled with the honest, friendly and family atmosphere, our reputation has stretched well beyond Pasadena, all throughout Southern California, and Nevada.

Torino’s chef has put all his passion and love in every sandwich created.  Using fresh ingredients, our sandwiches are unmatched, and our repeat and loyal clients throughout Southern California even from Las Vegas (who have to have TORINO while visiting Pasadena) are a testament to the value of a Torino Sandwich meal.

We owe a huge appreciate from the bottom of our hearts to all our friends, and loyal clients for making Torino Specialty Sandwiches a success throughout the years.

Let us cater your next event, be it a family gathering at home, a picnic with friends, or an employee lunch at the office.  We’re certain it will be a very delightful experience to the taste buds of all that will enjoy  eating Torino Sandwiches.

source: Barahantes.Com Team

Sarkis Yacoubian

Sarkis Yacoubian on Barahantes.Com


Sarkis Yacoubian was born on February 12 ,1983,in Beruit,Lebanon.Sarkis’ passion growing up has always been music,as he started to sing at an early age,and formed a band with friends at the age of 18.Sarkis has just released his debut album “kisherva moot khavarin” in 2009,with the help and guidance of Sahag Sislian ,Adiss Harmandian,Hrair Arkoian and his studio team.He is currently recording his second album with a fresh new sound.

source= Sarkis Yacoubian

Jaq Hagopian

Jaq hagopian on Barahantes.ComABOUT JAQ HAGOPIAN

JAQ Hagopian is a well known singer in the Armenian, Arabic, and Assyrian communities and Performs at all different types of events such as barhantes’s (all over the USA) , weddings, engagement parties, christening’s, birthdays, and works in clubs in the new York area every Friday and Saturday nights. JAQ style reaches out to a many Armenian hearts.

JAQ sings in many different languages and styles in Armenian he’s style has a wide range of many different regions, and in Arabic he sings Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptians, khaligi, qedoud 7alabi, jizrawi and Assyrian music. Although JAQ sings many old and traditional songs he also has very new generation songs he’s goal is to capture the Armenian youth and their hearts and always keep them listening to he’s music for them to stay close to their culture and appreciate their culture in every aspect. He is always known for fulfilling the listeners heart with the art of music they need, and is always open to hear about opinions and requests from he’s fans. As always JAQ is thankful and most grateful for he’s supporters and fans threw out the years.

JAQ has always been known for he’s feeling and passion for music. With generosity and the willingness to help the Armenian community in each and every way he can. He has done many community events as a donation and will continue helping Armenians to stay close their culture and background with he’s music, voice, and unique positive character.

JAQ has a close bond with most Armenian and Arabic musicians from all over the world and respect and loves each and every one of them and their unique style. JAQ has a close bond with he’s band (Ararat band of New Jersey) not only do they have work relations but they are very brotherly and family like specially with the Respected Composer, Vicken Makoushian. JAQ’S band varies from one man band to a 13 peace band depending on your needs and wants.

He has many singles out on youtube.com and on radio stations such as radioaga.com and hyevibes.com.


source: Jaq Hagopian

Event Planning Galore

Event Planning Galore on Barahantes.Com


Event Planning Galore specializes in planning any sort of event for about any occasion you could think of for a very affordable price and great customer satisfaction. We take pride in our clients’ satisfaction and love to see that smile upon their face, especially when they get to see the finished outcome of their event. We greatly appreciate your support and our company thrives on referrals, so do tell that friend who’s planning an event to relax and we’ve got it covered. We offer Promotional 50% off for first time clients and at a very affordable price then on.

We coordinate and plan Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christenings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties at any destination you like, to go on we also do specialize in Promotional events, Corporate Company Events, Theme events, Casino Game parties, Graduations parties, Kids parties, School events, etc….

We also organize Impersonators; such as Belly-dancers, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Austin Powers, Singing Telegram Greeting in Costumes, Hawaiian Dancers, Real Psychics, Real Fortune Tellers, Henna Tattoo Artist, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Christmas Carolers, Mimes, Clowns, Magicians, Puppeteers, Jugglers, Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Balloon Animals, Face Painting and many more impersonators of your choice.

At our events we use only the highest quality of items, such as; decorations, Lights, Popcorn machines, Cotton Candy machines, Snow Cone machines Jumper Play Balloons, etc… We also offer the greatest DJ’s, Flowers, Photographers, Halls, Destination Locations, Yacht Celebrations, Cruises, Travel Agencies, Transportation Limo Or Bus, that not only look spectacular but very inexpensive and affordable.

source: Event Planning Galore

Kevork Artinian


Kevork Artinian’s unique talent of singing was first discovered at the Church of his hometown in Beirut, Lebanon, where he was born and raised. At the young age of 8 years old, Kevork was an active member of the Church choir where his already astounding voice began to mature.

Kevork performed in his first concert at only 12 years old accompanied by his friend/musician Sako Bedrossian with the support of Mr. George Rasdgelenian. At the age of 15 he won the Armenian School Board’s prize for “Best Talent” which was organized by the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon. Just one year later, he won the “Miraculous Voice Award” by the Primate of Lebanon, Archbishop Kegham Khatcherian. Kevork’s musical gift was flourishing with the help of his music instructor Mr Robert Kurdian until he moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of 17.

In Montreal, Kevork established “Nor Serount,” a well-known band with his friends. Together they performed at numerous events throughout Canada and parts of the United States.

In 2005 he joined forces with George Tebrejian “The Maestro.” The two started working together with the same goal of taking their music to the next level. With Kevork’s mesmerizing voice and George’s incredible musical talent, they have become a force unlike any collaboration of the same genre.

Kevork’s humble character & charming voice touches the hearts of those who hear him. His tone naturally engraves his name in the hearts of his fans and changes the way they interpret music forever.

source: Kevork Artinian

Unified Young Armenians

Unified Young Armenians on Barahantes.Com


UYA, Unified Young Armenians, is an independent and apolitical organization run by the youth, for the youth and the general public. It serves as a catalyst for action within the various Armenian communities both in Armenia and in the Diaspora. As a non-profit organization comprised of educated, professional, and dedicated men and women, we take upon ourselves to tackle many issues often ignored by the establishment. The Unified Young Armenians organization was created because there was a clear need for action and change within the Armenian community, especially for the youth who are always considered an outsider on many Armenian related issues. The youth never had a voice presenting them as an efficient and capable force. History has proven that all changes have been constituted because of the youth and we are here to do exactly that. Under the leadership of Organization, the members take part in various educational and charitable activities in different parts of the world. The activities range from publishing a quarterly magazine geared towards tackling many issues ignored in our communities, to providing Armenian Language and History classes for the public free of charge, thus giving every Armenian the opportunity to embrace his or her heritage. The Organization, with the help of its sponsors, provides scholarships to the needy and exceptional students in Armenia. The Unified Young Armenians are widely known for the April 24th educational march in the Little Armenia part of Hollywood; in which, according to Fox News, “More than one hundred thousand people participate.” In addition, UYA organizes conferences, educational forums, debates, social events, etc. The Organization attempts to promote various aspects of the Armenian culture in the United States by starting from a very early age. Once instilled in their hearts and minds, today’s children will grow up to be future’s successful and patriotic Armenians, whether or not they chose to stay in the United States or move to the Homeland. Our Organization hopes to eradicate the artificial divides within the Armenian community resulted from the Armenian Genocide (i.e. Eastern-Armenian vs. Western-Armenian, Russian-Armenians vs. Persian-Armenians), by showing that we the youth can actually work together in a harmonious manner. Get involved and visit us today at www.youngarmenians.com

source: UYA’s Facebook Profile

Krikor Satamian

Krikorian Satamian on Barahantes.ComABOUT KRIKOR SATAMIAN

Krikor Satamian is a graduate of the American University of Beirut (AUB). Attended the “London School of Film Technique” and the “Bristol Old Vic Theater School”. After one season of acting at the Belgrade Theater in Coventry City, England, he returned to Lebanon to take up the positions of Artistic Director of the renowned AGBU Vahram Papazian Theater Company, and Lecturer of Drama at AUB.

In 1972 he took the Papazian company on a successful tour of Armenia and in 1975 to France, England and Cyprus. Upon the invitation of the “Bristol Old Vic Theater School”, he went to teach at his former theater school before immigrating to the US in 1976 and joining the famous “Colonnades Theater Lab.” in New York City as one of its resident directors. Directing his first play for the Off-Broadway company, he was invited to the “Hope Summer Repertory Company” to direct on three consecutive occasions. A year later he joined the Armenian General Benevolent Union in New York City as its National Artistic Director and since then he has founded several AGBU theater companies in Boston, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. He was the Managing Director and host of the “Spotlight Armenians” TV program in New York City. In 1981 he appeared as Azmi Bey in the film “Assignment Berlin” and in 1988 in “Chickpeas” Off-Broadway he appeared with the Classic Theater in Shirvanzadeh’s “Evil Spirit”, in the demanding role of Kij-Taniel and in Nishan Parlakian’s “Grandma Pray For Me” in the lead role of Deacon. In 1988 he moved to the AGBU in Los Angeles and took over the Ardavazt Theater Company as its Artistic Director. Krikor Satamian has so far directed 75 plays, three operettas, and acted in 85 plays.

He also participates in professional American productions whenever time permits. In 1992 he acted in the successful AGBU professional production of “Three Acts of Love” in English. In 1995 he played a character role in the American film entitled “Subterfuge”. Directed by Herb Freed. On January 9, 1997, he appeared with Brooke Shields in the NBC weekly sitcom “Suddenly Susan” and on March 27, 1997, he appeared in the NBC weekly sitcom “The Naked Truth” starring Tea Leoni and George Wendt. On February 28, 1998, he played the role of a Russian mafia boss in the “Team Knight Rider” on UPN 13, and in October and November of 1998 he played the part of Nikos in Raffi Arzoomanian’s “The Moths” at the Hudson Backstage Theater in Hollywood. In November 1998 he played a major role in the film “Pedestrians”. followed by a cameo appearance on “Mad TV” on Fox 11. Recently he played a character role in the film “Enemies of Laughter” directed by Joey Travolta and supporting roles in two other American films “After Freedom” directed by Vahe Babayan and “Pomegranate” directed by Greg Kuzirian. He has also appeared in one episode of “24” and “Alias” TV series. Recently he played a cameo role in the film “Must Love Dogs” with Diane Lane. John Cusack, Christopher Plummer and directed by Gary David Goldberg.

source: http://www.vdf329.com/biography.htm

Best of Mediterranean

Best of Mediterranean - Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine - on Barahantes.Com


Established in 2006

Offering a unique and tasty dining experience, Best of Mediterranean® (BOM) features authentic Mediterranean food served in friendly atmosphere by a customer service-focused staff and also operates an exceptional catering service. The success of its downtown L.A. location led to opening a second in the Westside, and now franchises are available throughout the country.

Best of Mediterranean®  is the first Mediterranean concept in the franchise world nationwide, an operation of a full service restaurant offering authentic Mediterranean cuisine featuring popular Middle Eastern dishes that Americans have grown to appreciate. Each restaurant will offer a menu of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern prepared dishes that include but are not limited to: A variety of salads, soups, appetizers, falafel, kabobs, gyros, vegetarian items, grilled meats, poultry and combination plates.

Everyday, more and more people are trying to check their carbohydrates and to check their fat intake. Best of Mediterranean® (BOM) franchise offers a variety of homemade Middle Eastern dishes utilizing fresh ingredients that are made each day, consistent with our high standards of quality without added carbohydrates and fat.

Best of Mediterranean® (BOM) Was voted in the “Top 10 Falafel restaurants in LA” and Featured in many Magazines and Newspapers such as the Los Angeles Magazine.

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