Alén is a world class Violinist and a producer. He has performed on such prestigious stages as The Staples Center, The Anaheim Pond, The Greek Theatre, The Great Western Forum, The Nasau Calisium in Long Island New York, The MGM Grand and The Venetian in Las Vegas and other stages throughout the United States. Since 1999, he has released 4 multi-genre albums which are available on iTunes and Amazon. ALEN’S LATEST PROJECT TITLED “INTIMATE VIOLIN” HAS MADE IT INTO THE GRAMMYS FIRST BALLOT IN 2 CATEGORIES. ALL GRAMMY VOTING MEMBERS PLEASE CHECK OUT HIS MUSIC AND CONSIDER IT WHEN VOTING. Alén is available to perform at functions ranging from Concerts and Corporate events to other private events and guest performances. Stay tuned for more details. Alén is also available to add beautiful string section sound to your next project and/or produce your next project.

source: Alén

Alén is a world class Violinist and a producer. He has performed on such prestigious stages as The Staples Center, The Anaheim Pond, The Greek Theatre, The Great Western Forum, The Nasau Calisium in Long Island New York, The MGM Grand and The Venetian in Las Vegas and other stages throughout the United States.

Raffi Kantarjian

Raffi Kantarjian on Barahantes.Com


Raffi Kantarjian was born in Aleppo,Syria in 1976 and has been playing at a young age which made him realize his passion for music.

At a young age, he had a passion to play Guitar and rock out.  He revived his education in Aleppo, after living in Greece for a few years, returning to Aleppo to follow his dreams.

Kantarjian has participated and hosted many national parties throughout the world. He has also played with famous Armenian artists in Sweden, Lebanon, Dubai, and Greece. Hosting concerts, Kantarjian always left a great impression in the people’s recreational lives.

Kantarjian has composed patriotic and passionate types of music that has touched many people’s souls throughout different nations.and recorded in many Syrian radio

For the first time, Kantarjian organized the Syrian Guitar Festival which was held in Aleppo. He has also contributed in many others Bands like Jazz & Rock .

He is also a teacher in many Academies providing guitar lessons in Parsegh Ganatchian, Aram Khatchadourian also in kessab Misagian

In 2009, Kantarjian was rewarded by Karen Yeppe Jemaran with the name of his new band which was named Nor Asdgher. and he also was a big master in Big Band Estrada.

source: Raffi Kantarjian

Ararad Aharonian


Ararad Aharonian was born in 18 November 1973, Lebanon. On March 5, 1992, Ararad Aharonian performed for the first time in Lebanon at “Levon & Sophia Hagopian” college. Shant Disschekenian & his band (on percussions & derbakkeh: Paul Apanian, & Bouzoukist Toros Nakhashian) accompany Ararad in his concerts. Shant Disschekenian performs the role of music arranger in Ararad’s albums. Ararad currently has three music albums representing many styles (Armenian pop, dance, “kavaragan”, Arabic style…). His first Album is called “Hokvous Denche” & his first single is “Siro Jampan” (Lyrics & Music by Seto Baghdassarian) Ararad Aharonian has performed outside Lebanon in concerts in the following countries: Argentine, Australia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Kuwait, Syria and United Arab Emirates.

source: Bourdj Hamoud Website

Antranig Kzirian

Antranig Kzirian - on Barahantes.ComABOUT ANTRANIG KZIRIAN

Antranig performs on the oud widely across the US, Canada and Europe on the oud at numerous folk festivals and classical concerts. Antranig’s command of the guitar has also garnered him much acclaim in music circles around the country. Aside from his extensive touring schedule, Antranig performs as a member of the Aravod Ensemble, History Project Series and Visa and has participated in collaborations with other recording artists as a composer, writer and experienced studio musician. The theoretical framework within which Antranig operates musically allows him to arrange thoughtful and profound musical landscapes, and he is called upon frequently for his unique interpretation of the oud.

When he’s not teaching guitar and oud to music students to pass on Armenian music and culture, Antranig ventures into fusion and other world music projects and enjoys exploring the Sitar and violin. Antranig also is an accomplished performer on the guitar, bass, saz and bouzouki. Antranig is currently studying diplomacy and finance at Columbia University and holds degrees in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and law from Villanova University. His musical influences include Oudi Hrant Kenkulian, the Armenian oud master, Oudi Yorgo Bacanos, George Mgrdichian, John Berberian, Ara Dinkjian, Richard Hagopian, Mal Barsamian, John Bilezikjian and several rock and metal groups.  Antranig has recently performed with Gor, Sonya Varoujian and various other artists.

source: Antranig Kzirian

Nory Rahat Locum

Nory Rahat Locum - on Barahantes.Com


Rahat locum translates into “contentment of the throat.” For over forty years, NORY CANDY AND PASTRY’s mission has been to convert that description into sweet, chewy, nutty candies (locums) adorned in powdered sugar.

NORY’s selections include a diverse and tasty medley of subtle fruit and exotic flavors, available with or without fresh California grown nuts. The art of making locum has been perfected by NORY. Each and every batch is given the utmost care and attention, is made with locally grown, high quality ingredients and, is cooked, cut and packed by hand.

The versatility of this flavorful dessert, which originated in the royal courts of Asia Minor and the Middle East around the 15th century, satisfies a wide array of palates. Its traditional wholesomeness allows it to be enjoyed as an elegant after-dinner delicacy, a unique accompaniment to coffee and tea, a midday pick-me-up snack, and even a key ingredient in various popular desserts.

Elie Berberian


Elie Berberian was born and raised in Beirut Lebanon. His singing talent was discovered by his parents at an early age.

In 1992 when he was only 10, Elie had his first concert and thus he was introduced to the Armenian public. This was the beginning of his successful singing career. By the great demand of the audience he had performed again later that year and was considered “The miracle child”. “This is a 30 year old throat in a 12 year old kid… he’s a miracle.” had said the astonished Lebanese composer and singer Mr. Zaki Nassif In 1994 after hearing ‘’The’’ voice for the first time. But the Miracle Kid had to hold the career to continue his education. In the year 2000, a graduate from Levon and Sophia Hagopian college, he attended the Lebanese national higher conservatory in a quest for musical education and also vocal training sessions with Mrs. Nona Manoyan.

In 2002, a ‘’Mejliss Night’’ (Mejlissi yerego) was organized by Azadamard Armenian center in Ashrafieh. Being invited to the party Elie had been asked to sing again. His remarkable style and talent captured the hearts of the crowd gathered that night. Later that year and in collaboration with ‘’Hamazkayin Roupen Zartarian’’ the Armenian Cultural association, Elie produced his first CD of Armenian folk songs joined by three other Armenian artists. After a huge success ,his second CD was produced.

In 2004, Elie Berberian won the title of “Best discovered talent” in a competition organized by “Vanatsayn” the Armenian radio broadcasting station in Lebanon. He had already performed in Syria and UEA “Abou Dhabi” and Kuwait upon 8 invitations. In 2006 Elie was invited to perform in Montréal Canada, where he chose to stay and achieve his musical education as a tenor at McGill University of Montreal by maestro Stefano Algieri. In a very short period of time he captured the hearts of Montreal Armenians also.

Elie Berberian is the love and the pride of today’s young and old generations Moreover he has a very busy schedule of performances all over Canada.

source: Elie Berberian’s Website

Vahe Berberian


At 6′2,” Vahé, with his long, soft-gray, braided hair and strong, angular features immediately attracts attention. But, it his personality and his work that captures peoples’ hearts. Vahé Berberian, an Armenian painter, author, playwright and actor, was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1955. He grew up in Beirut in an intellectual milieu. His parents’ home was a meeting place open to friends from the worlds of theater, literature and the arts. He later relocated to Los Angeles, where he has been a resident since 1976. Vahé studied art in both Lebanon and the United States; and he received a degree in journalism with honors in 1980.

“I find it hard to label myself with an ‘ism’ that would categorize my painting style,” says Berberian. “I believe that any attempt of recreating reality would be simple illustration,” he says. “An artist creates his own reality, and reality, according to Aragon, is that which has no contradictions. It entails no conscious thought, creating without boundaries and laws. No conscious thought means no doubts, which means you’re in a reality that is fascinating.”

vahe2.jpgVahé has participated in more than 30 individual and group exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. “His work is about who he is.” Caroline Lais-Tufenkian, the curator of Vahé’s most recent one-man show, says, “Berberian is successfully working from his hybrid cultural background. Several components have been the key in the construction of his complex and rich aesthetic identity: His cross-cultural background, modern abstract expressions and him being a Los Angeles artist. Berberian offers a new dialect to the western artistic style of abstract expressionism.”

“I express myself simply to keep my sanity.”

Berberian has always painted as a complement to writing and acting, never able to forfeit one form of art for another. “Theatre is conditional on what others do, and its temporality is limiting, whereas painting is personal, direct and does not need a mediator. However, each form feeds on the other, pushing its influence into the world of the other.”

Berberian’s artwork has made its way into the presitigious homes of collectors, such as Opera Director, Peter Sellars; actress, Mariett Hartley; former Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Ernest Fleischmann; Canadian filmmaker, Atom Egoyan; Paris fashion designer, Sonia Rykel; Paris publishers, Alain and Raymonde Nave; architect, Frank Israel among others. Vahé’s works have also been displayed in films, such as I Am Legend, Ocean’s 13, Inside Man, Adaptation, Spiderman 1, 2 & 3, Jersey Girl, Permanent Midnight, Jawbreaker, Executive Power, and Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her. His work has also been featured in the Emmy-winning series 24 and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

source: Vahe Berberian’s Website

Ara “The Baze” Basil


Ara Basil is of Armenian descent and a Hollywood native who is no stranger to the entertainment industry. His next door neighbor growing up was the guy who played BJ’s stunt double in BJ and the Bear! After passing high school on a technicality, he wanted to try directing and went to film school. After two student films and nothing to show for it, he entered the world of comedy because he had a knack for making people laugh.

Ara was able to harness his raw talent and transform himself into a comedian poised to make a big splash on the professional Stand Up circuit. In no time he was performing alongside experienced comedians holding his own and delivering a killer show on stage.

He performs annually in “Laughter for Life”, a charity showcase for the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry alongside Sam Tripoli and others. Since then, Ara has performed for countless benefits, festivals, and award shows all over the United States. He was asked to be the feature act for the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour in 2006, sharing the stage with Maz Jobrani, Aron Kader, and Ahmed Ahmed. Ara has also performed in the (Sultans Of Satire Comedy tour). Ara is currently preparing to take his act north of the border to Montreal and Toronto with Angelo Tsarouchas, a very funny Greek Comedian.

Ara’s material is rich with Middle Eastern and Western Humor. He provides an intellectual, entertaining, and insightful view of the follies of the two cultures. Ara Basil can be seen regularly at comedy clubs all over Los Angeles but frequents the Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip, the Improv on Melrose, the Icehouse in Pasadena, and the HAHA Cafe in North Hollywood.

Source: Ara Basil’s Website

Garo Gaboudagian


Garo Gaboudagian, is born on June 7, in Beirut. He got his education in Armenian schools, and then studied in Haigazian College. From his childhood his dream was to be a singer; although his parents didn’t like the idea, but faith paved his path to his dreams. He studied music in the Lebanese musical academy and continued taking private lessons with Mrs. Takouhi Tekian. In 1986, he started singing in bands, but his solo debut album was released in 1990. for the last 15 years he’s been performing for Armenians all around the world. Like in Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Syria, Kuwait, Australia, U.S.A, France, England, Holland, Canada

source: Garo Gaboudagian’s Facebook Profile

Mediterranean Garden Grill


We are a family owned and run business with many years of experience handed down from generation to generation. The food is made fresh daily using only the highest quality ingredients available. The menu includes deliciously prepared meat, chicken, salads, soups, sandwiches, appetizers and many other selections of Middle Eastern food. Dine-in, or call ahead to take-out.

Joey Kouchakian, along with his wife Lucie, run this Mediterranean restaurant that creates everything from beef kabobs to baklava and everything between. Enjoy your meal on our newly renovated patio, which is perfect for diners enjoying their Turkish tobacco, not to mention the garlicky fare.

Voted for the “Best Authentic Mediterranean, Lebanese, Greek and Armenian Restaurant” with a family style atmosphere.

Harout Bedrossian


Harout began his musical career as a choir singer in his local church along with his father “Der Varant kahana Bedrossian”. He was hooked and dreamed of one day singing in his own Armenian band.

In 1995, Harout and his family moved to Canada and two years later he formed his first Armenian band. They started playing in Toronto and after many concerts and events in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, he established his own unique talent and style. He was ready to record his first CD, which was released 2005 and is called ‘Shepatsour Ints’ and in 2007 he realeased his second CD called “Hampouyret”  . He composed and wrote most of the songs on his  CD’s which they were great success. It revealed Harout’s talent and style to the Armenian community.

Harout recently  releasing his third CD titiled “AYO” in collaboration with the great musician and composer, Viken Makoushian and it was released by “Best Records” in Los Angeles, California.

Harout is a hard working, energetic man on and off the stage, who loves to sing and entertain the Armenian community. He has already written dozens of songs bringing a new dimension to Armenian music. He appreciates all the work his band and fellow musicians have put in to contribute to their success together.

Harout is a good friend and a very good family man. He has a beautiful wife and child. His life long dream is to have a concert in Armenia and hopes to be an inspiration for the younger generation to express themselves and find their own identity in music.There is more music to come, so keep coming back to check for updates on future concerts, events, and new CDs.

source: Harout Bedrossian’s Website



Dj Hye Fx has been rockin’ the L.A. dance scene for a really long time and has built a tremendous following within the industry. He started before all the software elements were available and deejays really had to have an ear for music and talent for mixing, two fields in which he excelled above others. Although the love for the craft was always there , he first started his venture into djing as a hobby and through the sheer demonstration of his passion for the field he quickly rose to prominence. Eventually earning spots in every major club in LA and even some outside the local LA market such as San Diego,San Francisco, and Las Vegas. He was highly sought after and eventually turned up on all the local radio stations as a mix show DJ. Working closely with KPWR (Power 106 fm) in 2001 he produced the legendary Club Odyssey which is still regarded as one of the most successful events of all time. At the time he was in high demand from every university, club, or organization in the LA/San Diego area for pretty much any and every major party that was planned. His reputation and respect from his fans for his skills were so elevated that just the mere mention of his name on a flier virtually guaranteed a sold out event. He had a deep rooted love for what would now be considered as old skool hip hop and his early mixes reflect this with a lot of the early artists as his primary remixing targets such as Erick B. and Rakim, Run DMC, and KRS-1 to name a few. He later developed a passion for House, Trance and Electronica. This was manifested on his first major produced promo cd “Euro 2000” a fun and vibrant mixed CD which quickly turned into an underground cult classic, released in 1999, during a time when Napster was still a free dl service it has the distinction of being the most downloaded LA indie mix dj cd of its time. He later followed it up with “Phenom” a double cd with a more mature, heavy trance theme along with Dj Riddle. All the meanwhile he had already demonstrated his versatility by becoming one of the most renowned wedding and private party dj’s in the entire country, to the point that his clients gladly paid his higher then the establishment fees for his services. Shortly thereafter, he decided to “retire” from the club scene and continue his private party services and dedicate more time to his family but in early 2007 after overwhelming demand from the public and also due to the mixing bug that bit Hye Fx again he returned to reclaim his spot in the club scene at the top of his trade. He is focused and dedicated once again to be at the top of his game. Yes you read that right HE IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!

source: DJ Hye FX MySpace Page

Nazo Hadidian


Nazo (Nazar) was born in the city of Aleppo, Syria on September 19, 1971.  He has been performing professionally in his native country of Syria, since the age of 15.  He pursued his musical studies at the Aleppo Music College and at the Music Institute of Parsegh Ganachian in Lebanon, where he focused on Bass.

Nazo He has been a member of the prestigious Syrian united Artists since 1994 as a professional bass player.  He performed with the major musical bands in town Aleppo (GOMIDAS BAND), The Armenian community (THE BIG BAND), and Shoghag & Friends Jazz trio.

Nazo has played both natioanlly and internationally, and has been involved in independent music projects throughout Southern California from Middle Eastern music (Persian,Arabic,Armenian) to contemporary and jazz fusion.

Recently, in 2009, Nazo graduated from The Los Angeles Recording School expanding his career to audio engineering and audio post production field.

In 2002 Nazo moved with his parent to the United States, and currently resides in the city of Los Angeles.

source: Nazo Hadidian’s Webste

Joseph Krikorian


Joseph Krikorian was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon.  He is the youngest among his siblings and the only child to take after his mother’s beautiful and inspiring voice.  Joseph comes from a family of musicians and singers.  He was only 4 years old, when he used to sit on his grandfather’s lap and sing “Aspedagan Sev Sadanan.”

He transpired his dreams into reality, when he held his first concert in Beirut, Lebanon in 1985.  At the time he was only 14 years old, but had a voice of an experienced singer.

Although, Joseph was born and raised in Lebanon with a lot of Arabic influence, his love for Armenia and the Armenian people was instilled in him from a very young age.  He has always been proud to be an Armenian!

Joseph moved to the United States in the year 1998, so that he can enhance his singing career.  He took private lessons studying music: which included reading and writing notes; and playing musical instruments such as:  the guitar, bouzouki, piano, percussions, and drums.  After his studies, Joseph opened his own recording and post-production studio in Los Angeles, CA.  Joseph records and edits his music and videos in his own studio.

oseph moved to the United States in the year 1998, so that he can enhance his singing career.  He took private lessons studying music: which included reading and writing notes; and playing musical instruments such as:  the guitar, bouzouki, piano, percussions, and drums.  After his studies, Joseph opened his own recording and post-production studio in Los Angeles, CA.  Joseph records and edits his music and videos in his own studio.

Joseph moved to the United States in the year 1998, so that he can enhance his singing career.  He took private lessons studying music: which included reading and writing notes; and playing musical instruments such as:  the guitar, bouzouki, piano, percussions, and drums.  After his studies, Joseph opened his own recording and post-production studio in Los Angeles, CA.  Joseph records and edits his music and videos in his own studio.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.  When he is not singing, he spends a lot of time writing music and songs.  He has written a ton of Armenian and Arabic songs.  As an honest, humble, and diligent individual, he is loved by his family members, friends, and fans.  First and Foremost Joseph thanks God for the life he has provided him with, along with his natural talent, so that he can sing for the Armenian people.  He truly believes that his voice is a God’s given gift to him!  He unconditionally loves his family and thanks them for always believing in him.  As an Armenian/Arabic singer he is grateful for his wonderful fans for always supporting him.

Not only does Joseph perform nationwide for Armenians, he also has performed for them worldwide in countries such as:  Lebanon, Armenia, France, Canada, Australia, Greece, Syria, Cypress, Holland (Almelo), and Belgium.  These events have been so successful that he returns every year to sing and perform for his fans.

In total Joseph has 13 Armenian and Arabic albums; over 25 music videos; and Live concert DVDs.  He has added great Persian and Greek songs to his live performances.  He is constantly updating his music for his fans!

With his unique and prevailing voice, along with his outstanding performances, Joseph Krikorian is recognized as an influential Armenian/Arabic Pop Star!

source: Joseph Krikorian’s Website

Zareh Kasbarian


Born in Lebanon, Zareh Kasbarian had a happy childhood full of music. Zareh begged his father for a guitar which he received on his 12th birthday sparking a lifetime career. At 15, already in the US, Zareh and his friends (including his younger brother), formed a band-Seepan. The Seepan Band played various events with Zareh on guitar until at the age of 17 when he was asked to add harmonies to the music. Fate brought Zareh to center stage when the lead singer married and had to leave the traveling band. After many successful years with Seepan, the group disbanded, and Zareh went solo. For ten years, Zareh Kasbarian has performed in three continents, 7 countries, and countless states. He has released 4 very successful albums and has consistently performed 20 to 30 shows a year.

An illustrious career and a strong family have been Zareh’s backbone, and have provided a foundation of future success for years to come.

source: Zareh Kasbarian’s Website

Khoren Mouradian


Khoren Mouradian was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Khoren’s musical journey had officially started at the age of 12 in Dubai, U.A.E. where he learned to play the keyboard. In 1988 he moved to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada where he continued his education. He earned a degree in Civil Engineering and in 1997 established a successful company “Ridgeview Homes” where he builds 50 to 70 homes per year and is very well recognized in the building industry.

Khoren is the CEO of Tri-City Wholesale Flooring a major importer of flooring goods.

Khoren’s hard work and dedication to music has rewarded him with a nomination for the best Armenian/Mediterranean album of the year in 2008!

Since joining forces with Giro Tavitian and Sergoon Ibrahim D-ON-Knowns is recognized for it’s unique musical style and entertains Armenians all over the world.

Khoren performs at many Armenian Festival functions, community events, weddings and private parties. Khoren performs in many different styles and languages to suit any crowd.

source: Khoren Mouradian’s Website

Antoine Bezdjian


Antoine Bezdjian born on May 7, 1970, in Beirut, Lebanon, moved to the United States in 2004. Prior to his arrival in the United States, Antoine had studied vocal and music in the Hamazkayin Parsegh Ganatchian Musical Academy and continued taking private lessons with the renowned Classical vocalist, Mrs. Takouhi Tekian. Antoine’s first breathtaking performance took place in 1989 at The Dynasty Palace in Beirut, Lebanon during a Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance, where he left his audience in a standing ovation. This experience confirmed him that he had found his yearning, which was to perform and sing in front of a live audience. Antoine held his first sold out concert on May 5, 1991 at Hagop Der Melkonian Amphitheatre in Beirut, Lebanon. His devotion to music was brought out through his vocal talents and remarkable performance which incurred command performances. Since then Antoine has made six albums all arranged by Khatchig Malkhassian, Joe Baroutjian and Seto Baghdasarian, and lyrics from Hripsime Assadourian, Vatche Bozoyan, and Joe Tashdjian. Antoine has had many requests and has put on astounding performances outside of Lebanon and the United States such as, Syria, Kuwait, Greece, France, Italy, England, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.

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