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Raffi Kantarjian

Raffi Kantarjian on Barahantes.Com


Raffi Kantarjian was born in Aleppo,Syria in 1976 and has been playing at a young age which made him realize his passion for music.

At a young age, he had a passion to play Guitar and rock out.  He revived his education in Aleppo, after living in Greece for a few years, returning to Aleppo to follow his dreams.

Kantarjian has participated and hosted many national parties throughout the world. He has also played with famous Armenian artists in Sweden, Lebanon, Dubai, and Greece. Hosting concerts, Kantarjian always left a great impression in the people’s recreational lives.

Kantarjian has composed patriotic and passionate types of music that has touched many people’s souls throughout different nations.and recorded in many Syrian radio

For the first time, Kantarjian organized the Syrian Guitar Festival which was held in Aleppo. He has also contributed in many others Bands like Jazz & Rock .

He is also a teacher in many Academies providing guitar lessons in Parsegh Ganatchian, Aram Khatchadourian also in kessab Misagian

In 2009, Kantarjian was rewarded by Karen Yeppe Jemaran with the name of his new band which was named Nor Asdgher. and he also was a big master in Big Band Estrada.

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