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Rena Daghdevirenian / Derkhorenian on Barahantes.ComABOUT RENA DAGHDEVIRENIAN / DERKHORENIAN

Rena Daghdevirenian / Derkhorenian has inherited her talent and her passion for singing from her father. Armenian/Syrian by birth, but she has lived and studied in Australia. Now, married and settled in Syria, she is a proud parent of two angels; “Gagach” & Ayk”.

Her passion for music started at a very young age. Although she can’t remember her first steps on stage, however her first live singing experience was at the age of 8 when she first performed with “The Aleppo Artist’s Syndicate Big Band”. Where the audience fell in love with her and she fell in love with them.

And so a love story was born.

Since then she has shared her passion with her fans on stage and has gone beyond by producing her first album called “Pshrankner” – meaning “remnants”.

Her skills as singer/songwriter/composer are evident in this album, where she has co-composed 2 songs and written the lyrics of all the songs in her album. The Armenian contemporary compositions/arrangements in the album are blended with her pop/contemporary jazz approach to create a unique harmony. This “harmony” is the essence of Rena’s style.

Her album “pshrankner” has been sold in the Middle East, USA, Australia and now in Europe. In 2008 she recorded with the world famous composer Daniel Masson – “Buddha Bar” – and she is featured in his latest release “travel impressions” and “trempolino”. Nowadays she is thrilled and honored to sing with some of the best musicians that her part of the world has heard.

Rena believes in the magical influence of music in people’s lives. And she will continue to spread that magic.

As a musician I have a mission and that is to make this world a better place. I think I have found the perfect way…

I thank God for my talent and imagination, without them there would be no revolution.



All tracks in the cd are composed, arranged and performed by Vicken Makoushian. Except “Garod” & “Hush” co-composed by Rena & Vicken.

  • Duets “Ashun” & “Hanelug” sung with Vrej Sahagian + back vocals in “Garod” & “Garoghes trchel (remix)” by Vrej also.
  • Back vocals in “Mut verkeri batmutyunner” by Vicken Makoushian”
  • All lyrics writen by Rena.
  • Pshrankner is produced by Rena (2006).

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