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Sako Yakimou

Sako Yakimou (Sarkis Yanikian) on Barahantes.ComABOUT SAKO YAKIMOU (SARKIS YANIKIAN)

Sarkis Yanikian was born in Lebanon on June 7, 1990.  Music was his life.  He used to love it from he’s childhood.  He was so lucky to have the chance to meet music composor and producer Mr. Chris Babayef.

He performed in severel events where He attained the hearts of many Armenians.  He is Armenian but he sings Greek songs such as Bouzouki and Laika styles.

He’s artist nickname is Sakoyakimou, which means “My little sako”

Sako recorded an album on February 2010 named “Omorfi mou esi” (“My beauty”).

Sako thanks all his friends that helped him make & improve this album.

source: Sarkis Yanikian

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