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Torino Specialty Sandwiches

Torinto Specialty Sandwiches, Pasadena, CA on Barahantes.Com


First established in 1992, Torino Specialty Sandwiches has become a staple in the Pasadena, California area as a premier Specialty Sandwich eatery.

From Torino’s famous Garlic Chicken, to the delicious, finger-licking soudjoukh sandwiches, coupled with the honest, friendly and family atmosphere, our reputation has stretched well beyond Pasadena, all throughout Southern California, and Nevada.

Torino’s chef has put all his passion and love in every sandwich created.  Using fresh ingredients, our sandwiches are unmatched, and our repeat and loyal clients throughout Southern California even from Las Vegas (who have to have TORINO while visiting Pasadena) are a testament to the value of a Torino Sandwich meal.

We owe a huge appreciate from the bottom of our hearts to all our friends, and loyal clients for making Torino Specialty Sandwiches a success throughout the years.

Let us cater your next event, be it a family gathering at home, a picnic with friends, or an employee lunch at the office.  We’re certain it will be a very delightful experience to the taste buds of all that will enjoy  eating Torino Sandwiches.

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