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Unified Young Armenians on Barahantes.Com


UYA, Unified Young Armenians, is an independent and apolitical organization run by the youth, for the youth and the general public. It serves as a catalyst for action within the various Armenian communities both in Armenia and in the Diaspora. As a non-profit organization comprised of educated, professional, and dedicated men and women, we take upon ourselves to tackle many issues often ignored by the establishment. The Unified Young Armenians organization was created because there was a clear need for action and change within the Armenian community, especially for the youth who are always considered an outsider on many Armenian related issues. The youth never had a voice presenting them as an efficient and capable force. History has proven that all changes have been constituted because of the youth and we are here to do exactly that. Under the leadership of Organization, the members take part in various educational and charitable activities in different parts of the world. The activities range from publishing a quarterly magazine geared towards tackling many issues ignored in our communities, to providing Armenian Language and History classes for the public free of charge, thus giving every Armenian the opportunity to embrace his or her heritage. The Organization, with the help of its sponsors, provides scholarships to the needy and exceptional students in Armenia. The Unified Young Armenians are widely known for the April 24th educational march in the Little Armenia part of Hollywood; in which, according to Fox News, “More than one hundred thousand people participate.” In addition, UYA organizes conferences, educational forums, debates, social events, etc. The Organization attempts to promote various aspects of the Armenian culture in the United States by starting from a very early age. Once instilled in their hearts and minds, today’s children will grow up to be future’s successful and patriotic Armenians, whether or not they chose to stay in the United States or move to the Homeland. Our Organization hopes to eradicate the artificial divides within the Armenian community resulted from the Armenian Genocide (i.e. Eastern-Armenian vs. Western-Armenian, Russian-Armenians vs. Persian-Armenians), by showing that we the youth can actually work together in a harmonious manner. Get involved and visit us today at www.youngarmenians.com

source: UYA’s Facebook Profile

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