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Viza has infiltrated the global music scene with an explosive sound of international rock. You can hear the blasts and screams from the depths of Eastern Europe to the deserts of the Middle East. Formerly known as Visa, Viza exchanged the audio passort with a carte blanche for invasion. Viza is a brigade of 9 international musicians from Los Angeles, integrating duduk, percussion and oud with the hard edge of rock. K’noup, the fearless leader and voice of Viza, commands the stage with charisma and stamina. With sold out shows in the US and Canada, Viza fans are also tuned in around the world. As Visa, the band released two EPs and two full length albums, along with an award winning music video. Viza is currently managed by Serjical Strike Management headed by Serj Tankian from System of a Down. Be on guard for the release of Viza’s Made in Chernobyl album and tour date announcements.

source: Viza’s Facebook Profile

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