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Vrej Sahagian on Barahantes.ComABOUT VREJ SAHAGIAN

Vrej Sahagian was born in 1979 with a love for music.

Vrej Started his musical career at a very young age where he adopted various styles of singing including foreign pop, Armenian contemporary & folk and even tarab.  He performed in some of the most prestigious restaurants, night clubs & piano bars in Syria.

Although singing hasn’t been his only talent ( he has graduated from the Hamazkayin Art Academy “Arshil Gorki”) however he has devoted his time to pursue his passion for music.

Vrej has had the privilege to work with some of the best musicians which this part of the world has had to offer.  He has toured & performed in many European & other countries.

He has produced 3 albums; two Armenian & an Arabic album and enjoys singing in many languages.  He has performed with many bands in Syria including “The Hamazkayin Big Band”, and in many other concerts & festivals organized by foreign embassies & the Armenian community within Syria & overseas.


Arabic album (Arabic dance party)
– All tracks arranged & performed by Hovig Adourian on keyboards & on bass guitar Varant Proudian
– Mixed by Elias Malki
– Recorded at “Studio Acoustic”
– Produced by Vrej Sahagian (2008)

Armenian album (Vrej Sahagian)
– All tracks are arranged & performed by Vicken Makoushian
– Produced by Vrej Sahagian (2007)

Armenian album (Ach Tsakh)
– All tracks are arranged, mixed & performed on keyboards by Garo Kekligian
– Nanor Mikayelian on flute
– George Hatsakordzian on bass guitar featured in track 7
– All lyrics by Sarkis Kel Khacherian
– Except lyrics in track 1 by Joseph Krikorian
– Lyrics in 4 & 7 by Vrej Sahagian
– Produced by Vrej Sahagian (2009)

Talent is my gift from God and my mission is to spread the wonder & magic it creates through music & my singing. (Vrej Sahagian)

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