Armenian Singers

Zareh Kasbarian


Born in Lebanon, Zareh Kasbarian had a happy childhood full of music. Zareh begged his father for a guitar which he received on his 12th birthday sparking a lifetime career. At 15, already in the US, Zareh and his friends (including his younger brother), formed a band-Seepan. The Seepan Band played various events with Zareh on guitar until at the age of 17 when he was asked to add harmonies to the music. Fate brought Zareh to center stage when the lead singer married and had to leave the traveling band. After many successful years with Seepan, the group disbanded, and Zareh went solo. For ten years, Zareh Kasbarian has performed in three continents, 7 countries, and countless states. He has released 4 very successful albums and has consistently performed 20 to 30 shows a year.

An illustrious career and a strong family have been Zareh’s backbone, and have provided a foundation of future success for years to come.

source: Zareh Kasbarian’s Website

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